The correct order to use your hair care products

Merely having the right hair care products in your arsenal isn’t sufficient to keep your hair healthy and shiny. It’s also imperative to use each product in the right order and not in just any random way to see a noticeable difference in your hair. Your hair care products work in a similar fashion to your skincare products. The only way to acquire the best results out of the products you use on a daily basis is to use them correctly, therefore, it’s vital to use your hair care products in the right order. While it’s quite normal to feel a bit confused while figuring out what product would come first and what other products would follow it, given an array of hair care products sitting in your vanity, it’s not that difficult to determine the right order for using hair care products.
If you always get confused while using your hair care products, this article is all you need to read as we have shared the correct order of using the products. Scroll below to know more about it.

Shampoo and conditioner

This one is no brainer, shampooing and conditioning is the first step to cleansing and moisturizing your hair. No amount of hair care products work on your mane if it’s dirty, therefore, you should always cleanse your hair using a shampoo that is specifically formulated for your hair type and also targets the hair woes. The next step should be conditioning your hair to give your locks extra nourishment and hydration. It’s best to use both shampoo and conditioner from the same brand to achieve better results.

Leave-in treatment

Whether it’s a leave-in conditioner or any other leave-in product, this should be the second thing to apply on your hair right after coming from the shower. The purpose of using a leave-in product is to make the hair shinier and make it feel more moisturized. Additionally, it also makes detangling the hair easier, which automatically reduces the chances of hair breakage and hair fall.

Heat protectant

Protecting your hair from any form of heat is as important as shielding your skin from the sun. No matter what kind of heat styling tool you’re using, you should always spritz some heat protectant spray all over your hair before styling it. Using a heat styling tool without spritzing heat protectant spray makes your hair pretty dry and frizzy over time. Therefore, you should never skip using it.

Hair serum

Hair serum is one of the most underrated hair care products. It deserves to be there in your vanity as much as any other product does. The main purpose of this product is to impart moisture and shine to the locks, and that’s something we all could use. It can be applied to both damp and dry hair. Much like any other products, hair serums also come in different options; you should always pick the one that works best for your hair type. Also, hair serum is always supposed to be applied to the lengths and tips of your hair and not the scalp.

Hair spray

And the final step of your hair care routine should be to use a hair spray. Hair spray can come in super handy at times, therefore, you should have one in your vanity at all times. It acts as the finishing touch and keeps your hair protected from external factors such as humidity and wind. Also, you should never use this product on damp or wet hair, or else it could result in a complete disaster. Once your hair has dried completely, you can spritz the spray all over your locks, and it won’t only tame your frizzy hair but will also set your hairstyle in place.

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