Signs that suggest you need to take a break from manicure

Manicures have become more of a trend than a self-pampering session. We love how pretty it makes our hands look instantly; also, trying out different manicure every month is just a different kind of fun. While getting manicures every month is a great way to treat yourself to a pampering session, being too habitual of it is also not a good thing, maybe not for your pocket, but most definitely for your nails. As much as we enjoy flaunting new nails and picking fun colors or designs for the manicure, we shouldn’t ignore things that are worth noting.
Being regular with manicures can leave your nails weak and brittle over time, and we are certain, you must have noticed that too. Much like it is suggested to give your skin a break from makeup every once a week, you should do the same with your nails as well. Taking breaks between manicure sessions will allow your nails to breathe.
Listed below are 5 signs that indicate you need to take a break from your manicure. This will also give you some time to care for your real nails.

Your nails look yellow

One of the biggest signs that indicate you need to take a break from your manicure is the yellowish appearance of nails. Nails usually turn yellow when you wear too many dark-colored nail polishes. Dark-colored nail polishes cause your nails to turn yellow, and if you notice your nails turning yellow, then take it as a sign that you need to take a break from the manicure. One of the best ways to prevent your nails from turning yellow or discoloration is by wearing a base coat before applying any dark nail polish on your nails.

Your nails feel thinner

Manicures can leave your nails pretty thin, and the reason for that is the damaged topmost layer of your real nail. Picking your nail polish and peeling your nails also make your nails feel thinner. In order to avoid your nails from becoming thin, make sure to always take off your nail polish using a good quality nail polish remover. By doing so, you won’t only be able to keep your nails from getting damaged unnecessarily but will also keep them healthy and strong.

Your nails have become brittle


Not taking breaks between your manicure sessions, vigorously buffing and filling, and removing nail polish using acetone-based removers often leave your nails brittle. One of the only ways to bring your nails back to their original state is by taking a break from your manicure. This break will give your nails some time to breathe, which in turn, will accelerate the healing process. You can apply nail strengthening formula or cuticle oil to your nails to accelerate the healing process.

Nail breakage

Nail breakage is never an issue for people with healthy nails, but if you are dealing with nail breakage at the moment, take it as an indication that you need to take a break from your manicure. Manicures can leave the top layer of your nails damaged, this, in turn, leads to nail breakage. Additionally, picking your nail polish or using the wrong method to get remove acrylic leads to nail breakage. Taking a break from manicures will give your nails time to become stronger again.

Visible white spots

Scraping off your nail polish or using harsh nail polish removers can lead to the appearance of white spots on your nails. Removing the nail polish from your nails using the wrong method damages the top layer of your nails, and this leads to the formation of white spots or patches on the nails. Taking a break from manicure and letting your nails grow out until white spots disappear are two best ways to deal with this nail situation.

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