How To Tame Down Baby Hair

Do baby hairs annoy you, well that’s annoying to all of us? We spend so much time in styling our hair but in no flick of a moment that is ruined by these pesky baby hairs sticking out of our hairline. Well, if that’s the struggle we are here to help you out.
The worst part of having these tiny baby hairs is neither these could be clipped nor added to any style. We have to spend our precious minutes in taming these baby hairs coming out and if that’s what you do every morning you need an easy and simple solution. We have gathered a few sterling ways that will help you tame down these stubborn baby hairs very quickly.
Here is your complete guide that will help you to just forget what baby hairs are.

Invest In A Hair Spray

If you’ve been struggling with baby hairs you ought to incorporate a hair spray in your haircare regime. Trust us this investment could be a game-changer. Hair spray is the quickest counter to the baby hairs. Take a comb and spray the hairspray onto the brushes and comb through the baby hairs you’ll see how nicely they stick to your hair. Or, you can directly spray to your hair but make sure to avoid your eyes and skin area.

Styling Cream

Another great way to get rid of baby hairs instantly is to apply a styling cream. Styling creams are a long-lasting formula that helps to hold the baby hairs for a great duration and works amazingly well onto curly strands. Since baby hairs are very fragile and while taming these down we don’t want to damage our hair we would recommend you to use a hydrating formula such as a Moroccanoil, such formulas will easily tame down all your baby hairs without making them sticky.

Use Cold Air

Well, you all use blow-dryers to style your hair, the heat helps to create beautiful styles but you can also use the blow-dryer to tame down your baby hairs. Instead of using heat, when you work on your baby hairs, use the cold air function and you can easily see the errant baby hairs clearing the way out.
A great tip would be not to use high heat around the baby hairs or onto your baby hairs. Since baby hairs are really very thin strands a lot of heat can damage them.

Avoid Breakage

Breakage of hair strands leads to baby hairs. So, if you really want to get rid of baby hairs you have to avoid breakage of your hair. Oil your hair twice a week, use less styling tools, and protect your hair when stepping out in the sun. If you follow these simple steps you can avoid breaking of your hair strands.
Spray Some Water
Another great way to deal with baby hairs is to wet them. Wet hair will stick along to your hairline without coming out or ruining your hairstyle. But, remember this is not a long-lasting solution.

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