Useful tips to apply makeup on dry skin in winter

People with dry skin have a hard time wearing makeup, and it becomes only harder in winter. However, this issue isn’t only limited to people with dry skin, other skin types also experience extreme dryness in winter, which makes it equally hard for them to apply makeup. Winter is most commonly associated with dry patches on the face, and when you apply makeup on dry skin without creating a nice base, it ends up accentuating the dry patches on your face. However, creating a dewy makeup look isn’t that hard, you can make the base of your makeup look flawless and the makeup dewy by following certain tips.
To make things easier for you, we have listed a few useful tips for you that will help to create the perfect dewy makeup look.

Moisturize your face before taking a shower

One of the main keys to a flawless base and dewy makeup look is hydrated skin, and that’s hard to achieve without using your moisturizer. While typically we suggest applying the moisturizer right after taking a shower, but since we are dealing with dry skin, we won’t make you do things that can worsen the situation. Therefore, you should moisturize your face before taking a shower. The steam from the hot shower will open up your pores, which will allow better absorption of moisturizer into the skin. Just make sure to not wash your face with hot water, as it will leave your skin even drier.

Apply the moisturizer

Moisturizing plays a vital role in the skincare routine; it helps to deliver intense hydration to your skin, which further helps to prep your skin for makeup application. While it might seem like you need to apply thick and heavy creams to make up for the lost moisture in the skin, it isn’t the most suitable way to deal with winter dryness. When it comes to picking a moisturizer, you should always invest in the formula that is ideal for your skin type. For instance, if you have oily skin, you should stick to using a gel-based moisturizer that is formulated with nourishing ingredients.

Apply a hydrating primer

Primer has become an imperative part of the makeup routine. It does some really amazing things and helps your skin and makeup in a myriad of ways. However, it’s also important to use the right type of primer as using the wrong one will do nothing for your makeup look. And since we are dealing with dry skin, a hydrating primer is possibly the best purchase you can make. Of all the primers available in the market, you should invest in a hydrating primer. It won’t only help to create a barrier between your skin and makeup but will also deliver intense hydration to your skin, which will make it easier for the makeup to glide on.

Mix oil in your foundation

One of the best ways to add a dewy finish to your makeup look is by mixing a few drops of facial oil in your foundation. Also, you should either use a liquid foundation or cushion foundation to create a flawless base in winter. You can also consider purchasing a foundation that already contains an oil such as jojoba oil and argan oil.

Apply makeup using the right technique

Using the right makeup application technique is as important as choosing the right makeup products. Applying your makeup using the right technique can make a world of difference in the entire look. And when it comes to applying foundation, you should always blend it using a damp makeup sponge and not your fingers or brush. Using a damp makeup sponge will help to blend the product easily into the skin.

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