Hacks To Achieve a Flawless Winged Eyeliner

Struggling to achieve that wing right? Winged eyeliner is the trickiest part of our makeup application. And to be honest, to mimic that perfectly is a hard-pressed task and the most time-consuming part of our makeup. We know that wing looks very stylish but when you try to create that it turns out to be a big fail. Don’t fret what if we tell you that it’s super easy to draw that wing and that too in less than a fraction. We know you won’t believe this but we’ll disclose some of the most amazing hacks that will surely make you believe.
You never have wondered what you think to be the toughest part of your makeup regime could be so easy. Let’s admit the majority of us are not good at winged eyeliner and it takes years of effort to improve the wing but a quick hack can be a great help to draw that right instantly. These hacks are so easy that even a makeup novice can easily achieve winged eyeliner with the help of these.
So, here are a few simple hacks you can opt for any of these you like. Stay tuned!

Spoon Hack

We all have spoons it’s not something you don’t have, right? The most easily available tool we guess. The spoon hack is the most hyped and helps to draw a flawless wing with ease. All you have to do is place the end of the spoon at the edge of your eyelid where you likely draw that wing. Grab your eyeliner and with the help of that slowly draw a wing and voila you’re done and that was so easy. Have a look, your wing is created. We told you it’s easier than you can think. Winged eyeliner with the help of a spoon hack it’s as simple as a pie. You can give this a shot!

Bobby Pin Hack

If you want to master wing eyeliner another great and easy hack is to use a bobby pin. Grab your bobby pin and place it close to the end of your eyes. If you have shaky hands you can use a table as your support. Now take your eyeliner pen or whichever formula you feel comfortable in and gently draw a line then lift your bobby pin and place just above you drew the line and draw another line and at last connect them both to create that flawless wing. Wasn’t that easy?

Connect the Dots

Let’s jump back to kindergarten where we used to connect the dots to draw a picture, remember that? Apply dots to your eyelids and now connect these dots to achieve that sleek line. For this technique, you can use any eyeliner formula say it to be a gel, pen, or liquid and if you’re opting for gel eyeliner use an angular brush to achieve precision when you’ll wing the dots out. This one is the easiest hack of all and great for those who have wobbly hands while achieving winged eyeliner.

Use Your Business-Card

Have you ever wondered the visiting and business cards can also be used as a great tool to draw a flawless wing? Well, it’s the most famous hack to draw winged eyeliner and a very simple one too. All you have to do is simply place your debits or credit cards or any card you have besides the outer edge of your eyelid and slightly angle the card upwards. Now use this as your guide to draw effortless winged eyeliner.
We hope the hacks would turn out to be a great help in achieving the winged eyeliner bang on!

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