Make-Up Blending Hacks For Beginners

All of us females out there are fond of make-up. However, some people grew their make-up liking at an early age and some of us just develop a liking with age. Most of the women do not really bother about their skin type until they have hit puberty or the hormonal changes during pregnancy. Because not all girls get those blemishes during their growing age or if, we get them they are healed on their own over time. Therefore, we didn’t really get concerned. So for girls, who have begun testing on make-up must feel like not investing much but get themselves the decent stuff to work with. Here goes our list for that.

Beauty BlenderThis is a must-have tool and don’t mix it with your powder sponge. These two are forming but have different roles to play. Many people have used this beauty blender to do a whole face make-up, but being a beginner you cannot really step into that. So what you need this blender for. Most of us, know how the first or second layer of make-up is a foundation. Some people work with primer, some don’t. This blender will help you blend the product such as a foundation and the second step concealer well into your skin. Some like to do this with their hands but you don’t get the finishing. Make sure you wet the sponge and blend your products.

Foundation and concealer

Choosing the right foundation is really, really important. There are foundations for dry skin, oily skin, as well as, a combo skin. Thus notice your skin color and get a perfect match for it considering the skin type. To test foundation is matching your skin tone apply it to your wrist a shade upper and lower, than the one you feel is matching and judge which is the best one. Same goes with your concealer checking remember to evenly spread the foundation and then use concealer to cover the blemishes and the darker area of your face such as under eyes.


Highlighting is done after the concealer, so once you have blended the previous layer just take a light bit of higher on a brush blow the extra powder or shed it, any way you like. Now, dab the brush around your check bone and your nose. Some people light to highlighter their chin and instead of using eye shadow they just dab some of this powder on their eyes as well. So don’t go for a gold highlighter. Choose the open that falls somewhere in the middle like not too gold not too silver.


As the saying goes of pushing the blush on the apples of your cheeks, it is very not so important step for most of the people to just add blush but some of us just love to play with the blushes. Take some rouge on a blush brush and smile. Now, push the blush powder in and upper ward direction on your cheeks. This will give a little charm to the cheeks making them look wonderful than ever. Just on the cheekbone, not too low not too high, if the placement of blush or highlighter isn’t done well the face looks weird so consider the place.

Contour or Bronzer

This is a crucial and last step for your face make-up. The color and application can really make all the difference. So if you have added too much of bronzer to your nose or forehead, it will definitely reflect the cooked-up look. However, if you have chosen the right color and applied it correctly, you are just going to rock the look. As I said before you need to contour or bronze your nose and forehead majorly. In order to pick the correct bronzer, you just don’t have to go for a grayish tone or a too orange golden tone. Choose something between tan or camel shade. These two shade go along well with most of the skin tone.

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