Styling Your Black Jeans with Neutral Shades

All of us have black jeans in our closet. This is something staple to have in your closet; therefore, if you haven’t got it by a now it is time to make the changes you need to have a black jean. It is such versatile clothing that can be styled not only for your regular outfit but it can be converted into something fun and adorable. Besides that our today’s post is all about black jeans. So you need to have it in order to look amazing in our further mentioned ways. Let’s just begin with the dresses of the day.

Camisole Top

To dress up a black jean you can wear a camisole top over it. The fabric of the camisole makes a huge difference here since it will be the highlight. You can wear it in georgette or silk. A camisole makes sense in flowy fabrics only. Most of us have black jeans which are skin fit so just top up with these fabrics. These are flowing fabric looks amazing with the fitted jeans. For autumn you can add layers to it. You can wear a blazer or jacket on top of it. To accessorize this look for autumn you need to wear black boots and for other none so cold weather you can wear loafers. Since this dress is somewhat formal, you need to wear loafers or pumps with these. Now, if you camisole is plain then you can add some necklace, otherwise, wear some nice studs in your ears and carry a sling along.


A nice casual office outfit is wearing a loose pullover with your black pants. You can style this look in various colors. Since we are wearing black pants, all the colors will look amazing on it. Choosing a bright color with it can be a nice touch to add some color to the outfit. You can dress in the camel shade which is another basis if you aren’t a fan of bright colors. Wearing royal green with black can also look pretty cool. You can keep this look simple in terms of accessories because the top is a loose fit and adding earrings or a necklace will make the look overdone. So you can wear a simple watch strap and loops in the ears. You can add a bit of style to the outfit if you wear animal prints shoes. Wear a bracelet on the other hand; don’t leave it non-accessorized. You can simply add a ring to that hand as well.

High Neck Top 

The next top to add to your collection is the high rise or turtle neck fitted blouse. It can be another formal look for working women. You need to wear any beige or neutral tone top with these pants. As we all know each color works with black pants so you can pull any neutral shade with your black pants. To accessorize you need to first tuck the top properly on the thin waist area and wear a bold buckle belt with it. You can wear a normal chain watch and don’t push the sleeves back as it will change your look into informal attire. You can wear your black pumps or boots with this look as you like. Make sure you are wearing pointed-toe boots and not causal boots.

Black Blouse

The last look that we have is black from top to bottom. In order to dress in black, you need to invest in a season friendly blouse. In winter you need to wear a high rise top and summers you need to wear a nice sheer black blouse. Now, to accessories the summer look, you can wear a nice bracelet and some hanging, not heavy earrings. For winters you can style the look with a black belt with a golden buckle and wear a golden long chain with a small pendant.

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