The Dos and Don’ts of hair oiling

You don’t always have to choose the high-maintenance ways to treat your hair woes, sometimes, the most overlooked things prove to be the ultimate life-savior and come to our rescue when nothing else can. And one such product is hair oil that has long been used as a means to treat several hair issues including hair fall, dull brittle hair, fragile hair, and whatnot. While hair oiling has been around forever, it has never been taken seriously and is often overlooked in favor of some other treatments. However, over the last few years, hair oiling has become a popular means of treating your hair woes.
With all the trauma your hair goes through on a daily basis, it’s quite obvious for it to become fragile, dull, and lifeless. This is when oiling comes to your rescue and makes some serious changes to the way your mane feels. Religiously oiling your hair not only nourishes and strengthens it but also promotes hair growth and prevents hair damage. There’s no denying the fact that oiling can be good for your hair but with that, it’s also important to know that you are doing things the right way and not actually inviting other hair problems.

Do avoid combing your hair after oiling

After you’re done applying oil to your hair, refrain yourself from combing your tresses or it can result in immediate hair loss and breakage. When you oil your hair, the strands become pretty fragile, and immediately combing them can result in major hair loss. Therefore, it’s always best to keep yourself from combing your mane and if you still feel the need, then always start from the ends of your hair to get rid of tangles and slowly work your way up to the roots. This won’t only detangle your hair but will also distribute the oil evenly.

Do apply less oil

Less is always more and this theory is not only limited to your makeup but oiling as well. Take a generous amount of oil on your palm and apply it on your hair. To make sure that the oil has spread evenly on your scalp, give your head a relaxing massage and this will do the trick. Taking more oil than required is not going to do any good to your hair. The more hair oil means more use of shampoo, which in turn can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dull and dry.

Do avoid using hair products

Hair oils are well capable of doing a good job on their own. You don’t need to layer them up with any other hair product until you have washed your oiled mane. Hair products are infused with chemicals and treating your oiled mane with such products only means one thing and that’s a recipe for disaster. Using them on your hair can make it very rough and dry; therefore, it’s always best to stay away from them.

Don’t keep oil on your hair for a longer duration

One of the worst things you can possibly do is keeping the oil on your hair for a longer duration. You can do as much oiling as you want but letting it sit for more than six to eight hours is not the right way to do it. After some point, your oiled mane starts accumulating dirt and grime, which eventually mixes with your scalp’s natural oil and make your hair even dirtier. Therefore, if you don’t want to end up with a dirty scalp, don’t let the oil sit on your hair for more than 6 hours.

Don’t tie your hair in a tight bun or pun

Your hair becomes extremely fragile and prone to hair loss and breakage when it’s oiled. Any kind of tight hairstyles such as bun or pony can put pressure on your strands, which can lead to hair loss and split ends as well. Therefore, it’s always best to tie your hair in a loose bun or braid to avoid any additional damage.

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