Your Guide To Build A Summer Office Capsule Wardrobe-

Carrying the white-collar glam is not an easy task. Juggling between workplace dress code and style can be quite intimidating. Building a wardrobe strictly to the office code and still managing to render an appealing look can make you lose your head sometimes, right?

Whilst all that arduous and juggle comes capsule wardrobe. Least of you’ll be familiar with the term but the term is quite a buzz lately. A capsule wardrobe is an assortment of classic and versatile pieces that ‘go together’ to form different outfits so that you don’t need to own too much stuff. We stash our wardrobe with plenty of pieces that we never see ourselves wearing so why not build a wardrobe that if you purge it you always end up finding the truly wearable pieces. And not to forget the time we spend in determining what to wear during the course of our professional life if calculated it could be fairly 3 months. It sounds even more convincing for the section of women who have to hit the workplace daily and finding the right outfit for each day is such a blessing in disguise. Though organizing a capsule wardrobe is hard but it’s the present struggle of minutes to get sorted with ‘what to wear today’ for the entire season.

Get it right! With the list, we’ve whipped up on the staple pieces that could be mixed and matched to curate a vast array of outfit options.

Pencil Skirt-

The pencil skirt is a perfect essential for the corporate setting. Anyone can embrace this timeless style effortlessly. Though the staple piece is available in plenty of exciting prints and fabrics but as an essential for the capsule wardrobe, we would suggest you have it in black color. The black colored pencil skirt is versatile and chic. You can pair it in plenty of ways and with layers around and each time you’ll create a new outfit with one piece. A black pencil skirt would be a one-time investment and is really bang for the bucks!

Tailored Blazer-

A well-fitted blazer should hang in every working woman’s wardrobe. It’s ultra-sophisticated and renders a polished look to your complete attire. A blazer is something that fits the workplace dress code aptly and the key to choose the right blazer for a capsule wardrobe is to focus on the fabric, the color, and the fit. For a more formal look go for a dark-colored solid blazer that would compliment the office environment.
With a dark-colored blazer, you can create plenty of varied outfits, quite a versatile pick! Wear it with a pair of solid denim on normal working days, for corporate events when you want to raise your style quotient a notch up layer it with a pencil skirt.

Formal Pants-

Dressing for business, whether you have to attend a corporate meeting, corporate lunch, or an event, professional interview or daily work life is really a stress. But with a few formal pants in your wardrobe, you can impeccably manage the balance between professionalism and style. The timeless-chic base can pull plenty of outfits in no time flat.

Pair it with crisp shirts, t-shirts, blazers, cardigans, or more legit would be to say with literally everything formal. Grab a few dark hues of formal pants and you’re sorted for the season.

White Shirt-

A formal wardrobe is incomplete without a white shirt. It’s the essential and staple piece of workplace wardrobe. Whether crisp cotton fabricated or silk, a white button-down instantly makes any outfit feel oh-so-sophisticated. This closet staple looks as good as your pencil skirts as it does with formal pants. You can effortlessly style a white shirt with plenty of options and would be a great deal for the season.

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