Winter shoes that are trending hard this year

Winter isn’t just about wearing chunky sweaters and warm coats or jackets, your footwear matters equally and plays an integral part in influencing the overall appearance of your outfit. Although it feels like it’s still fall, the fact that time flew so quickly just makes it a bit hard for us to believe that winter is almost upon us. Since winter is just around the corner, we better start preparing ourselves to survive the coldest months of the year, and there’s no better way to begin this journey than transitioning the fall wardrobe into a winter wardrobe. The right pair of shoes can jazz up any outfit, and when it comes to winter shoes, you have quite a lot of fabulous options to choose from.
It has now become a ritual for most of us to swap an old pair of shoes with a new and trendy pair as soon as the new season arrives, and we personally feel it is a great way to add flair and an interesting twist to the wardrobe for the coming season. Now without any further ado, let’s take a look at shoe trends that are trending hard this winter.

Embellished shoes

Make everybody’s head turn by slipping into a pair of embellished shoes. If you are looking to make a statement with your outfit this winter, you can consider investing in embellished shoes. This embellished detailing isn’t just restricted to heels and flats but you can also spot it on boots as well. From beads and gemstones to crystals and sparkles, these pretty detailings add a chic and holiday vibe to your shoes, and that definitely works favorably for winter outfits.

Combat boots

Some of our winter outfits can definitely use a bit of edginess, and the easiest way to give your outfit a little boost is by slipping into a pair of combat boots. Additionally, combat boots are a winter wardrobe staple, they pair up well with almost every kind of outfit, including jeans, dresses, and skirts. You can find these boots in a myriad of chic options, stick to the one that speaks to you, and suits your personality.

Fancy loafers


Everyone’s favorite loafers are getting a luxurious and classy makeover this year. You can never go wrong with a pair of loafers; they look chic, sophisticated, and also exhibit a dressed-up vibe, which works wonderfully for several outfits in your wardrobe. Tiny tweaks made to loafers have certainly given them a modern and chic update; you can spot them in an array of stylish options in the market. No matter if you are opting for embellished loafers or pointed toe loafers, these upgraded pairs are much more attractive and good-looking than your average pair of loafers.

Super comfy clogs

Clogs, also dubbed as the ‘ugly’ shoes, are making a comeback this year, and surprisingly enough, we are welcoming this trend with open arms. Clogs have definitely grown on us, and we are more than happy to be including this pair into our winter shoe collection. If you are also convinced by this pair of shoes, you should definitely consider investing in this pair this winter, and we assure you, you won’t be disappointed, and that’s because you will get all the comfy feel with your clogs on.

Furry shoes

Why restrict yourself to incorporating fur into your clothes when you can totally incorporate it into your shoes as well? Don’t understand what we are getting at? To make it simple for you, the only thing we are suggesting is to invest in a pair of furry shoes, which also happens to be one of the biggest winter shoe trends of the year. This is an exemplary way to add a touch of coziness to your shoes, and it wouldn’t hurt to offer extra warmth to our feet this winter.

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