Why You Should Use Clay Masks Frequently

Clay masks are very important especially if you have an oily or combination skin type. Lately, we all have gotten away from clay masks. We feel clay masks have lost the hype these days and maybe because we have got a quicker alternate for it known as “Sheet Masks”. Sheet masks are nice, we mean it has made skincare more fun and filled with a lot of hydration but somehow it’s not that effective for oily skin. The sheet mask cannot soak impurities and oil as powerfully as clay masks could and hence oily/combination skin beauties should stick to it.
So, if you have decided to give clay masks a pass rethink! In the feed, we’ll be going to share with you 5 reasons why clay mask is a must-have for your weekly pampering session! Keep reading!

Clay Masks Absorbs Oil and Impurities

Clay masks are made out of clay and clay is well-known for digging out all the impurities and controlling the sebum production. If you have acne-prone skin or oily skin type, you need to use a clay mask at least once a week. Impurities and excessive oil can exaggerate the skin conditions and here is when clay comes as a rescue. Clay draws out all the impurities and even controls excess shine.

Clay Unclogs Pores

We have seen the majority of girls who stopped using clay masks frequently and the results were not good. They have experienced more blackheads and whiteheads thus do not ditch clay masks and if you haven’t tired it get your hands on it ASAP. Clay acts like a magnet that draws all the impurities out of your skin and unclogging your pores. So, if you’ve been battling with blackheads and whiteheads you should definitely try out clay masks at least once a week. And, why we’re stressing once a week is because if used more frequently it can dry out your skin.

Brightens Your Skin

Constant sun exposure, pollution, makeup can take a huge toll on our skin and results in a dull and tired complexion. Clay masks help to brighten your dull complexion instantly. By drawing out all the impurities, pollution buildup clay masks help to restore the glow and you feel soft, supple and glowing skin. Using clay masks for 10 minutes a week can help you keep your complexion clear and glowing.
Hence, we highly recommend you to use a clay mask for 10 minutes once a week.

Clay Mask Mattify The Skin

Among the least-discussed benefits of a clay mask is the mattifying effect it gives to your skin. Summer can take a huge toll on oily skin, with excess shine and oil the skin always feels sticky. So, what’s the best solution available? Oily skin type should surely invest in a clay mask as a clay mask helps in rendering a matte-appearance. Shine-free look, less oil secretion, refined pores and you get a matte skin. And, by matte, we don’t mean that it will give your skin a stretchy feel rather soft matte effect.

Rejuvenates Stressed Skin

Another amazing benefit of using a clay mask is that it gives your skin that thoroughly cleaned effect. Sometimes, our complexion turns out to be super sensitive which simply means our skin is stressed out. And, if you introduce a clay mask “the right clay mask” you will rejuvenate your stressed skin. A clay mask will gently clean your skin without drying it out and the end result would be hydrated and soothed skin.
Pro-tip- There are various types of clay masks available so always choose based on your skin type and the concern you have and in that way you’ll achieve better results.

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