Which Comb to Use Plastic or Wooden?

We have been addicted to using a plastic comb from the beginning of our hair growth. Well, is it a good comb for us to use, this question must have arisen in your brain some time but you just felt like ignoring it? Even when we know that plastic (the manmade solid) has caused much harm to the mother nature already. We do keep on buying it and using it without being bothered that it is helpful for our hair or not. Well, today we will clear your doubts about using the plastic comb and the wooden comb. You will be able to decide for yourself that the wooden combs are better for not only nature but your hair as well. So let’s begin.

Oil Distribution

When we use a plastic comb to distribute the naturally produced oil, it doesn’t do that. Moreover, when we comb our hair it produces certain friction that drains the oil away from our scalp. Natural oil is basically a layer of protected offered to your scalp by our body itself. Our hair needs nourishment to grow and stay healthy from scalp to all the way down. When we comb our hair the oil spreads across our scalp and the length. This only happens when you use a wooden comb.

Antibacterial Properties

A wooden comb has anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties which are definitely not present in the plastic comb. Thus, if you suffer from issues like dandruff which is a kind of fungal infection on your scalp using a wooden comb every day could help you solve the issue. Now you don’t want to go and buy any wooden comb. Use a sandalwood comb. This is the best wood comb one can use on their hair. Sandalwood makes your hair texture smoother, softer, and does help in proper oil distribution.

Lesser Tangles

Have you noticed, sometimes while combing your hair with a plastic comb, you get more tangle even when you have conditioned your hair, and there where no tangle at all. This is the doing of plastic comb on your hair. When you comb your hair with plastic, friction takes place which removes the oil from the hair and makes your hair stick to the comb, thus when you move your comb upside down and then back at the top, the hair end move along to the top creating tangles. The wooden comb doesn’t do that to your hair.

Damaged Follicles

What causes you follicles damage is definitely not a wooden comb, it is the plastic comb. Let’s see how it does that, so when you are using the thin or wide-tooth plastic comb it is harsh and sort of pinches your hair. Therefore it becomes important for everyone to not use it. When it pinches your scalp it causes an unrequired tension in your roots. This further causes damage to the hair follicles. This is exactly what you don’t want to do to your hair. Thus, stop using a plastic comb.

Better Stimulation

What’s the stimulation? In this case, it is the blood flow in your scalp. To grow hair on the head or the face in case of men, we need to have proper blood circulation. What wooden comb does is massage your scalp and improve blood circulation. Thus, it doesn’t pull-away the nutrients from the scalp but brings them down. Similarly, proper blood circulation is responsible for not have early gray hair. Therefore you have the option of making the right choice early and use wooden combs not the plastic ones.
This comb is not only supportive for straight hair but curly hair as well. However, if you have not combed your hair for a long time then you must apply some conditioner before combing your hair. You will begin to feel the difference by combing one single strand. This is also helpful for men who have a beard and a mustache.

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