Weekly Hair Care Routine Every Woman Should Follow

The tresses are a crown that we never take off, a statement that you all have heard quite a lot of times. But, how many of you genuinely care for this crown. We all indulge in some weekly skin-pampering but least of us show the same care for our hair. If you think oiling and washing as the care your hair needs you are precisely wrong. Weekly hair care is way more than oiling and washing your hair. It should include further steps not many but just a few more to give your hair the proper care they need.
Like your skin, your hair too faces regular wear and tear. May it be any chemical transformation, heating tools, sun exposure, or any other environmental stress your hair has to go through all these ordeals which makes your hair locks weak and dry.
If you’ve read hundreds of blog but are still clueless of how to build an effective weekly hair care routine that is not just a long list of steps but the steps that actually works, you’ve clicked to the right feed. Here, is a simple and easy guide to how to build an effective hair care routine.

Know Your Hair Type-

Before you start with a hair care routine it’s really important to know your hair type. For the products to actually show some results and steps to actually work it’s necessary to know what your hair type is. As different hair types have different products and steps it becomes important to identify your hair type.
There are three types of hair straight, curly, and wavy. So, building a hair care routine solely depends on your hair type. Hence, identify your hair type before reading ahead to seek maximum benefit from the feed.

Oiling & Washing-

Oiling and washing are really an important step in your hair care routine and no we mean no hair care routine is complete without these two. Regular oiling strengthens your roots, promotes hair growth, and locks your hair with moisture and shine. To have healthy hair lifelong it’s really important to oil your hair regularly. You can choose any oil say it to be olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil they all work amazingly well irrespective of your hair type.
When choosing the shampoo always refer to the ingredients the shampoo formulation should be mild and SLS-Free. Make sure you don’t over-wash your hair as over-washing your hair can make your ends really rough.

Hair Mask-

It’s really important to include a hair mask in your weekly hair care routine. Hair mask not only provides healthy, long, and shinier hair but also reverse the damage caused to your hair in the entire week. Though there are a plethora of hair masks available in the market for different hair types but what works more affective are DIY hair masks.
A homemade hair mask is really the key to healthy and shiny hair. You can find the ingredients easily in your kitchen shelves, as the ingredients are natural they won’t damage your hair and better than the chemically loaded hair masks available in the market. You can go with any DIY hair mask that suits your hair but what’s important is that you apply it regularly every week to see visible results.

Hair Supplements-

No matter if you have a proper diet still only 10% of the nutrition from that diet goes to the body and you can calculate fairly what goes to your hair. The amount of nutrition that goes to your body is insufficient and it becomes really important to consume hair supplements for silky, smooth, strong, and healthy hair.

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