Wedding guest outfit mistakes every woman should avoid

A wedding is one of the most important and special life events in every person’s life. Every couple spends months if not years to plan everything and imagine the tiniest details that are going to be a part of the big day. Given that the couple puts in so much effort to arrange everything and set a theme for their big day, you don’t want to be that kind of wedding guest that leaves the bride offended or annoyed. Being a wedding guest, one of the worst things you could do is making outfit mistakes that make the brides cringe, and you definitely don’t want to leave such an impression on the bride.
While normally we would suggest wearing pieces that make you more confident and reflects your personality, when it comes to occasions like a wedding, you don’t want to go wrong with the choice of your outfit. To make dressing for a wedding easier for you, we have put together a list of some outfit mistakes you must avoid making when attending a wedding.

Dressing up in white

One of the silliest things you could do when dressing up for a wedding is wearing a white outfit. Not that white is not a beautiful color, it’s just that the bride dresses up in white attire, therefore, if you being a wedding guest end up wearing a white outfit, it might upset the bride or it will feel like you are competing with the bride. Thereby, one should completely avoid wearing white outfits to a wedding unless you have been instructed differently by the bride and groom. You can opt for soft colors and patterns when picking a wedding guest outfit.

Didn’t follow the dress code

Not following the dress code shows your negligence, and this can also upset the couple, therefore, you should always check the wedding invitation before you choose your outfit. For instance, if there’s a black-tie event, it’s probably best to dress in formal attire, and if it’s a beach wedding, you should probably stick to a casual outfit instead of wearing something incredibly fancy or formal.

Donning an outfit that matches the wedding party

We have to say that this thing is not entirely avoidable; however, you should at least try not to match the wedding party. Matching the wedding party might put you in a really awkward and weird spot; therefore, you should prevent this thing from happening to you. Additionally, not matching with the wedding party will keep you from having awkward conversations with others, especially if you aren’t really close to the wedded couple.

Wearing a loud outfit


In addition to keeping yourself from wearing white outfits, you should also avoid wearing anything that is too loud. Wearing pieces that look too loud can draw unnecessary attention, and that’s not something you would like. While some couples don’t really mind you wearing loud pieces, other wedding guests might feel upstaged. Therefore, it’s probably best to stick to subtle pieces in soft colors and patterns.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes

The choice of your footwear matters a lot when heading to a wedding. In addition to wearing shoes that look occasion-appropriate, it’s also important to wear only that pair of shoes which feel comfortable to walk in. Being the host of the wedding, every couple wants their guests to have a gala time at their wedding, and one of the best ways to make the night memorable is by dancing to the beats of music. And dancing would only be possible if you are wearing the right kind of shoes, wearing heels that feel uncomfortable or cause blisters would keep you from enjoying the night, therefore, pick the right pair of shoes.

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