Ways to Get Rid Of Stretch Mark Issue

There are tons of human beings that suffer through the problem of stretch marks these issues arise because of three main reasons. Firstly, loss or gain of body weight rapidity. Secondly, hormonal changes that woman undergoes during their pregnancy. Thirdly, genetics some of us are born with lesser production of skin cells which helps our body elasticity thus, your body doesn’t stretch as much as it should with growing year causing stretch marks at an early age. Now, you know the reasons, you should also know what are the kinds of stretch marks are there. There are two stages of a stretch mark with each individual. One is red or purple marks and the second is white. The red or purple stretch marks are curable with the help of natural treatments or dermatological ointments. However, the white ones are curable in various technological ways. So here are a few natural remedies for you:

Eat health

Normally our diet consists of junk food just has a minimal protein and nutritional value. Thus, your body doesn’t get the vital nutrients it needs to grow causing stretch marks. You can opt for high protein and iron value food such as red meat, shellfish, oysters, and fish are a few non-vegan sources whereas, nuts and beans or pulse are the vegan source. Those of you have got genetically caused stretch marks you can cure it by consuming these. It has been proven that these have the entire essential our body needs. Moreover, if you have got visible red or purple stretch marks, this can remove them making your skin flawless.


The most important after shower need for stretch mark prone skin is to hydrate your body especially the area which gets affected easily. The area where people face these issues are around the cheat or breasts, abdominal, thighs, and butts. These areas get high fat making them more prone to stretch marks during weight gain and loss. The best time to apply moisturizer is after you have taken the shower and your body is a little damp. It absorbs the moisturizers nicely, keeping your body nourished for a while.

Regularly Massage

These days we have got so many spa facilities thus, treat your body with a bit of luxury once in a week or month as you can afford. Otherwise one can gently massage the prone areas in an anti-clockwise motion. Don’t go clockwise, when you move anti-clockwise body nourishes well. You can use almond oil, lemon oil, or lavender oil for massage as these have skincare properties making you heal the marks easily. You can massage every night before going to bed to cure your skin and avoid the stretch marks.


The organic vegetable potato is a rich source of minerals and vitamins. This has amazing skincare properties, in early time women use to massage their face with potato as the fat or white liquid present in it helps our skin to produce a skin cell called collagen. This not only makes your skin glow but also works in tan removal as well as making your color complexion light. All these are just a few benefits of this vegetable. Using it will bring an exceptional change to your body. It has been said that rubbing a potato on the white stretch marks has made them lighter over time. The way to use this is to take a slice of potato and rub it anti-clockwise until the liquid is dried up. Now, leave it for 10 minutes and wash.

Sugar and Lemon

Everyone says sugar is not at all good for health however, the case is opposite with the stretch marks. The solution of sugar and lemon is what helps restore the PH balance of your skin. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which when mixed with sugar particles help you cure the problem from the root.

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