Ways to Dress up Your Shoulder-Length Hair

The shoulder-length hair is the preference of many of the ladies. Especially, if we see the ladies with short hair in the modern era, then you would be inspired to get your hair cut and have them shorter. However, there is an issue that you really cannot do much with short hair on an everyday basis rather than keeping them open. Well, we are here to prove this statement wrong. We will share with you a few ways in which you can dress your hair in many possible manners. You don’t need long hair to have all the styles, short hairs can be worn up wonderfully. So, let’s begin.

Top Bun

Take the top section of your hair. Make sure that the hair section is nicely divided. Now, if you can braid this top strand without securing it with the help of a tie band then do so. Otherwise, use a clear tie band to hold them together and make a loose braid. Once the braid is secured from the end using a hair tie, wrap it around in a bun. Now, since the braid is loose, your hair may have a pointy texture on the top. What you can do is grab the pointy loop and tuck it behind with a bobby pin. You will have a nice organized bun. Lastly, if you have baby hair then you can use a setting spray. Brush up the rest of your hair and move out to flaunt your hair-do.

Loop bun

To make this create a clear section of your hair, you can take it till the top crown of your hair. Now, take out a bang from the front and tie the rest of the hair using a tie band behind the ears. Once they are secure, divide the ponytail into three halves. Create a loop using the first ponytail strand, and secure it with a bobby pin. Similarly, create the two more loops and secure them. If you feel like giving some volume then you can pull out the hair a little, but don’t pull off much of the hair. Once you have reached the desired look; pin the two ends of each loop together. This will leave you with a bun look. Use bigger bobby pins to secure the look and smaller ones to bind them together. You can set is using a hair spray and you are done.


The simplest and easiest one of all the hair look is a fancy hair band tied around the head. You can take a headband matching to your outfit and give a clean look from the front or you can push the band a little in the forward direction to give it a nice puff look. If you feel it’s hot to be keeping your hair open then using a tie band wrap the rest of your hair in a lower ponytail. If you like you can wrap a fancy tie band over the ponytail. Make sure that you have worn some nice earrings with this style since all your hair a pulled backward.

Bangs Braid

We have the tiny bangs in the front which we have seen to be doing nothing rather than leaving open. So today we will give you a tip to grow these bangs and style them in a rather nice manner. Firstly, take a section from the top front right side and make a tight braid of it. Secure it using a hair tie and then make another braid taking the section just beneath it. Now from the other side, you need to take a hair strand from the left side near the crown and braid it. Similarly, after securing the first braid take another strand of your hair following just below it. Place the two braids over the crown. Secure them using bobby pins. Lastly, you can leave the front bangs the way they are or twist them pining behind the ear.

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