Useful ways to add volume to thin and limp hair

Having bouncy and voluminous tresses is almost every girl’s dream, and while some are lucky enough to be blessed with such hair, there are a few of us who are dealing with thin and limp strands that do nothing for our overall looks expect for being there on our head and covering the scalp. Dealing with fine hair can be extremely challenging at times, and we know, it’s not the best feeling. Many girls with thin and limp strands have given up on the hope of achieving bouncy and voluminous waves, while it may seem like an impossible task, it’s certainly attainable.
Thin hair is extremely light in nature, and when it comes to styling such hair, it can give anybody a pretty hard time to keep the locks in place. Things can get pretty frustrating at times, especially when you have an important day ahead, and your hair isn’t on its best behavior. Nonetheless, before you decide to make your peace with thin and limp hair of yours, thinking that bouncy and voluminous strands will only remain one of your distant dreams, hear us out. Listed below are some of the most effective and useful tips that will turn your limp, lifeless hair into bouncy and voluminous locks in no time.

Keep your hair short

One of the best ways to add volume into your lifeless tresses is by opting for a short hair length. The longer your hair, the thinner it will appear, and it’s because all that length weighs your hair down, resulting in it appearing limp. Therefore, instead of keeping your hair long, cut it short till your shoulders. This little trick will work wonders for your tresses and make them look bouncy whilst also adding volume and body to your locks. In addition to that, opting for uniform and blunt ends won’t only give your hair the illusion of more volume but will make it look thicker as well.

Brush your hair once it is dry

Almost every girl has a habit of brushing their hair when it’s wet, and this is something that everyone must avoid doing, especially girls with thin and limp hair. Doing so won’t only end up damaging your hair and cause hair breakage, but it can also make your roots pretty flat, which results in your hair looking lifeless and rough once it has dried. Therefore, always let your hair air dry before running a brush through your strands to get rid of knots and tangles.

Focus on the roots while your hair

When it comes to blow-drying flat, limp hair, instead of doing it the usual way by distributing the heat evenly, try keeping the roots of your hair your primary focus. Thin hair easily falls flat because of the weight, and the best way to deal with this problem is by changing the way you blow-dry your hair. The next time you have to blow-dry your hair, concentrate more on the roots to add extra volume to your hair and make your strands look a little bouncy and lifted.

Dry shampoo FTW!!

Dry shampoo is a blessing in disguise, it comes to our use in more ways than you can imagine. While it is mostly used to refresh your hair, it can be used for other purposes as well, including adding volume and texture to thin and limp strands. Take your dry shampoo, and spritz it all over your scalp primarily focusing on the roots, do it before you hit your sheets so that you can wake up to bouncy and voluminous locks the next day.

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