Useful tips to straighten curly hair at home

As much as we are feeling desperate to go out and do everything we normally used to do before this coronavirus pandemic hit the country, we hate to admit it but things aren’t the same anymore. Sanitizing your hands, wearing protective face masks, and maintaining social distancing guidelines is the new normal, and while we certainly have gotten used to the idea, it’s still pretty difficult to come to terms with the fact that going out in public won’t be the same anymore, not at least for the next few months if not years.
These recent developments have made a huge impact on our lives, and our beauty routine has also been disheveled in the process, our appointments at the salon have been replaced with at-home treatments, and not all the treatments are a piece of cake, especially when it comes to straightening curly hair. Managing curly hair is a huge task in itself, and straightening it is just another big headache. Straightening curly hair not only involves extreme efforts, but it can also put your locks under stress and cause severe damage to them. But you don’t have to worry about the damage anymore, listed below are some of the most useful tips that will allow you to straighten your curly locks with minimal damage.

Make sure to cleanse your hair first

First things first, you cannot heat style your hair without thoroughly washing it. It’s extremely important to cleanse your hair using a mild shampoo to get rid of excess oil and product build-up to make the straightening process easier and a success.

Deep condition your hair

To see the best straightening results, it’s important to deep condition your hair before straightening them. And while a normal conditioner does a pretty good job to provide a boost of hydration to your curly locks, it isn’t sufficient, therefore, you will have to use a deep conditioning treatment, which can be performed using a hydrating mask. And no other product can do the job as effectively as a leave-in conditioner. Apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner to your tresses and it will not only help to straighten your hair very easily but will also prevent breakage and keep your strands protected.

Divide your hair into sections

When it comes moisturizing or straightening your hair, you should always work in sections as it makes the job a lot easier and shows better results. Before jumping into applying the conditioner or straightening your hair, make sure to divide them into different sections so that you can coat each section with conditioner properly and each section is straightened properly from roots to tips.

Always use a heat protectant spray

Not using a heat protectant spray before heat styling your hair is literally one of the biggest beauty sins to commit. Much like any other hair type, heat styling your hair without using a heat protectant spray can leave it pretty damaged. Therefore, you should always use a heat protectant spray; just make sure it is alcohol-free, as alcohol-based heat protectants leave your hair pretty dry.

Make sure your hair is completely dry

In order to proceed with hair straightening, you should first ensure that your hair is completely dry. And if your locks are still slightly damp, once they are 70-80 % dry, you can run a blow dryer through your hair to get rid of excess moisture. Use your blow dryer on the lowest setting and run it through your locks using a round brush, this will help to add extra lift to your mane.

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