Useful makeup tips for girls with watery eyes

Do your eyes get watery more frequently? Chances are you have got really sensitive eyes that start to water for a lot of reasons such as allergens, dust, dry eye and several others to name. As if there weren’t already enough issues to deal with that it decided to add on to it and ruin our lives, not lives really but our makeup. While your eyes are only doing what they are supposed to do but it’s your makeup that suffers the most. We totally understand how irritating and messy the whole situation can be as it not only ruins the makeup but also leaves your skin looking patchy. And reapplying the makeup is not an option at all especially when it requires you to redo it several times a day. This is why we decide to look for ways that can help you to get rid of this problem for good.
Listed below are a few makeup tips to keep your eyes from watering and keeping your makeup looking on fleek all the time.

Don’t apply anything on your lower lid or waterline

Blame it on your eyes or the products, but you can’t risk applying anything on your lower lash liner or the lids for obvious reasons. And just in case you don’t know, applying anything around your lower lids such as mascara on the lower lash line, lining the waterline or even applying the eyeshadow around that area can leave your eyes irritated and make your eyes water. That’s because of the presence of the meibomian gland along the waterline that prevents evaporation of the eye’s tear film. So instead of enhancing your lower lids, you can work your way with upper lashes.

Use clean makeup brushes and tools

Well, this is nothing new that your makeup brushes and tools can easily accumulate all the dust and bacteria on its surfaces and using the same tools and brushes without cleaning them can prove to be extremely harmful for your eyes as those particles can leave them very irritated. This is why you should always make sure to only use the tools and brushes once they are thoroughly cleaned and have no dust or residue left on them. Do it on a weekly basis to keep all the foreign substances at bay.

Use a setting spray to lock the makeup

Any makeup product with a powder finish should completely be avoided when it comes to your eyes. Powder concealers and setting powders are the last thing you should be using as they can make your eyes water which further can leave your skin looking patchy and streaky. The water that rolls down your eyes takes the product along with it and that can give you a very unpleasant look which is why you should completely avoid using them. Instead of using powder-based products, use liquid or cream-based products and lock them in place using a setting spray.

Keep the tears from rolling down

The minute you feel that water is going to roll down, stop everything, take a deep breath and slightly tilt your head up so that you can stop the water from rolling down your face. Just make sure to not close the eyes or blink for this method to work effectively. After ensuring that the water has dried up and is completely settled, you can continue with your makeup.

Use a cotton swab or tissue to undo the mishaps

At last, if nothing has worked for you and your eyes still continue to water then the only way to prevent any makeup mishap is by using a cotton swab or tissue. Always keep these two handy and carry it in your purse whenever you have to step out. Just when you feel that water is going to trickle down your face, make use of a tissue and gently roll it over your lower lids as well as the inner corner of your eyes to soak all the water.

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