Types of Hair Combs and Their Usage

There are various types of hair and various types of combs. Usually, we use the regular comb to work our way out for daily routine. However, it is important for one to learn which comb or brush is ideal for their hair care. So today we have brought some techniques of combing and brushing to enhance your combing skills and knowledge. One knows how to comb but sometimes spreading the oil throughout the hair of making that oily scalp less oily end up been a task. The reason behind this can be, the wrong usage of combs or not using the ideal one for the job. Thus, today we have brought the detailed list of combs that are helpful for you.

Rat Tail Comb

All of you know how the rat tail comb is one of the favorite combs of salon hairdressers. They always have this thin brush stored in their pockets while working. This is one of the superb fantastic combs which has made their work easy. As you know how hairdresser needs to do partition of hair while, cutting, styling, or hair coloring. Similarly, if you like to perform any of the above-mentioned tasks at home you need this comb. Going to the salon for cutting is usually done by us but styling hair and coloring can be done by us at home. Thus, we need to have this rat tail comb in order to do both of these perfectly.

Width Tooth Comb

It is a necessary equipment for ones who have curly hair. This comb is an efficient tool to get rid of tangled hair with ease. Usually, when we use thin tooth comb our tangles get worse and we have to go through pain to detangle them. Using this comb will ensure that your hair remains intact and you remove those tangles from hair. Other than that this is a good comb for hair care. When you apply hair spray after wash this comb can be used to evenly spread the product across the hair. Similarly, before ironing our hair we put some heat protecting spray-on hair, this comb can be used to get the product deep into the hair to that they face less damage. This comb is effective for wet hair combing as well. Thus applying a hair mask after wash, this comb could be the tool.

Regular Comb

A regular comb is the one that has two partitions. It’s thin from one side and thick from another side. This comb has a thin tooth which is ideal for after oiling combing as the thin bristles make sure the oil has reached the roots. The wide tooth can be used to detangling the hair and it will give a good hold to your hands while styling. We all do not possess rat tail comb thus this comb could be a replacement of it in certain ways. If you want to style your hair using the backcombing method this comb can come handy, it will give you a nice hold for the opposite hand. Some do master the technique of section with the help of this comb. Thus, you can totally have this comb for several purposes.

Teasing Comb

Some call it a brush some do refer to it as a comb. This is a thin brush that has nylon or bore bristles. If you have nylon then, it wouldn’t be much effective. Why? Nylon bristles are bendable. These are good for detangling but not for teasing or backcombing. For this purpose, you need to have a bore bristle. Bore bristles have proven to improve the texture of human hair and provide a shine to each hair strand. Well, it certainly has proven its results. If you want to add volume to your hair with this teasing brush then you better get it in your vanity. This is a valuable asset for thin straight hair.

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