Trendy hair accessories for girls with straight hair

Hair accessories are a thing now and this year’s current trends are the living proof of that. While hair accessories have long been part of the fashion world but for the most part they often have been overlooked and in certain cases, they haven’t got the credit that they deserved. Believe it or not, but adding accessories to your hair can make a world of difference to the way you appear. But what matters is the kind of hair you’re working with. We all know that layered and textured hair has always been on the top of their game and they are the most preferred choice among girls for obvious reasons and that are fancy looks as well as their ability to hold all sorts of hairstyles in a better way. Well, we can’t argue with that but we also cannot deny the fact that there are still so many girls out there who have long, poker-straight hair. In comparison to layers, uniformly cut straight hair is considered to be boring but that won’t be the case anymore when you have some of the chicest hair accessories in your collection. All you need are these hair accessories to up your mane game and you can transform the way your hair looks.
Without any further ado, let’s find out what all hair accessories you need to add to your collection to stay on the top of your hair game.


Barrettes are one of the hottest hair accessory trends of the season and they look nothing but simply gorgeous. You can easily up your fashion game by adding these cute and chic barrettes to your hair and completely transform the way you and your mane looks. From pearl adorned and neon colors to bejeweled and floral pieces, you can find these barrettes in so many different styles and designs that are sure to make a stylish statement. Having them on your hair also means no more flyaways.

Dainty hair clips

Dainty hair clips are one of those accessories that we used to dress our hair with back in the school days. Well, they are back now in a more fun and chic way that can be a serious game-changer for your hair. You can put these clips to use in so many different ways to create different hairstyles. For instance, style your hair in a half up half down do and secure it in place using these hair clips. You can have more fun with these clips by creating different shapes on the back of your head such as an inverted triangle.


Scrunchies are all that we see now everywhere. Not that we are complaining because we love them as much as you do. No matter whether you’re tying your hair in a bun or a pony, adding an exaggerated scrunchie to your hair makes things look more fun and stylish. This is the most effortless way to style your hair and make it look dressed up even with the simplest looks. You can find these scrunchies in so many different designs, colors, and patterns; pick the one that matches your style.

Hair scarves

Hair scarves are the next new thing that will keep your mane in check this summer. This is possibly one of the best hair accessories to have in every woman’s closet as it serves more than just one purpose and looks very chic and happening when added to the hair. From using it as a headband to making it work to tie your hair in a pony, there are so many pretty ways to work with hair scarves which you can find in different patterns and colors.

Hair bands

The hair bands of today’s time deserve that spot in your accessory collection. They no longer look like the ones you used to wear in your kindergarten days. They have been every girl’s favorite accessory for a reason and they still are. Especially now when you can get them in so many pretty and trending designs with embellishments and all different elements adorned on them, you ought to style your hair with one of these hair bands to put your best foot forward in the mane game.

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