Translucent powder hacks every makeup girl should know

We have so many beauty products in our vanity that can be used in more than just one way and prove to be a quick fix when nothing else seems to be working for you or in case you’re in haste. We have quite a few to name but today we will only be concentrating on the translucent powder which is one of the most essential makeup products in every girl’s vanity. A translucent powder provides several benefits and helps us in a plethora of ways. Not only it helps in getting rid of extra shine and oil on your face especially around the t-zone but it also protects your skin from foreign substances such as dust, impurities, pollution, or any other external factor that can harm your skin. Apart from that, it also helps in locking your makeup in place and gives it a matte and oil-free appearance. And if you thought that these are the only benefits that you can get from a translucent powder, then you better prepare yourself to be surprised as we are going to tell you some amazing hacks that can come super handy when you’re in search for a quick fix.

Mattifies your lipstick

Have you run out of your matte lipstick and only have a glossy one to work with? No worries. As long as you have a translucent powder by your side you shouldn’t worry about anything. By making the use of translucent powder, you can easily turn your glossy lipstick into a matte one, that too without making it feel dry. After you are done applying the lipstick, follow it up by placing a thin layered tissue on your lips, and then lightly dust the powder over it. After waiting for a few seconds, take off the tissue very carefully and you will see how beautiful your matte lipstick looks. This hack can also be used to make your lipstick last longer.

Cover your blemishes

One of the most amazing properties of translucent powder is its ability to conceal the blemishes. While it is mostly used to set the makeup in place and to give it a matte appearance but it can also be used for other purposes. If you still have some blemishes making an unpleasant appearance on your face then you can use translucent powder as a quick fix to conceal them effectively. Take some of the powder on cotton swab and apply it on the blemishes, doing so will provide extra coverage.

Volumize your lashes

We love working on our eyes and it is possibly the best way to enhance your features and make yourself look more attractive. And the most prominent part of your eyes is the lashes which alone can work wonders for your face. However, not every girl is blessed with full, volumized lashes, some have to work their way with mascara which also sometimes doesn’t give the desired results. But not anymore when you have the translucent powder in your vanity. Using a cotton swab or a spare mascara wand, apply the translucent powder to your lashes and then evenly coat them with a layer of mascara. This will give you very volumized lashes that don’t feel too dense or heavy.

Prevents smudging of liner

If you love applying pencil liner then you must know it gets smudged very easily which can be quite frustrating at times. However, with the use of translucent powder, you can easily prevent this thing from happening. Before applying the liner, make sure to apply translucent powder all over your lids as a base. After you’re done applying the liner, make sure to dust another layer of translucent powder over the lids. This will prevent the liner from transferring to your crease.

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