Top Hair-Do’s That the French Women Prefer to Do

The chic and elegant quick hair-do is a preference of all women, let alone the women in France. We all know that there is a certain charm to France dressing and styling in the fashion industry. We always find them, their culture, and their styling so impressive. Well, let’s share how a lady in France would like her hair during the summer season. So let’s get to the summer hairstyle. There will some half tie style, some will be all loose hairstyle and some will be a full tie hair-do. Therefore, without due let’s settle with the thing, we shall be doing to our hair this summer.

Beach waves

Summer is incomplete without the beach waves. It is not only an elegant style for the summer beachy weekends but also for the summer weekday. You will need to curl your hair only the length of the hair and not from the roots to the bottom. Now, once your hair is all curled up you will see that your hair is more voluminous that they were after wash. Remember don’t use hot products on your hair directly. You need to spray them with some good hair protecting serum or spray. Now, once the curls are made up. You can create a puff on the top or leave your hair open. Make sure you break the perfect curls with your figure and not the comb. You need to open them and in case of running a comb, you will lose all the style.

Side Braiding

Now, if you have done the beach waves or straighten your hair then you can make a change in your hair for another day. Take a small section from the temple of your head and make a braid of this strand. Use a hair tie to secure the braid on one side and then braid the other side. Once, the braiding is done you can pin them up together on the lower crown. Now, you can make a lower ponytail or just leave the hair open. Instead of placing the braid over the crown, you can just lift a big strand of hair from the center of your head and hid the pinning under that section. You can make this look a little dressier by adding some fancy clips or flowers to the hair.

Twisted Ponytail

Something which is completely in trend these days is a twisted ponytail. You need to brush up your hair a little to give a neat and clean look over the head. Now, once you have combed the hair grab them together and put them in a ponytail using a tie band. You need not go over the crown to make this ponytail. It should be just on the lower end of your head. While you are tying your hair, tie them an inch below. Now, separate the inch from the center and pass the ponytail from the loop. You will see it will add a twist over your ponytail. It will give a sort of bow feeling on the top. If your band is visible then you can pull the twist a little and pin the hair down using a bobby pin.

Twisted Bun

To make a bun over the crown, you need to make a higher ponytail and secure it using thin clear elastic. Once, you have got the ponytail, divide it into two parts. Now, further, divide those two halves into other two halves one by one. Once you have separated the hair from one side twist the two strands together, one overlapping the other. Use a clear band to secure the twist. Now, do the same partition and twist the two strands. Once, you have got the two twisted strands; see which one is the shorter, wrap that one first around the ponytail and pin. Finally, wrap the bigger strand over the ponytail. You will have a beautiful bun on the crown.

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