Tips To Take Care Of Curly, Frizzy Hair

Having curly hair is something that can make or ruin your life. Some of the curly hair people don’t like to comb their hair because it can look worse than ever. Curly ones need to take care of their hair more than any straight or wavy hair person even when your hair is not silky. Thus understanding your pain we have brought to you some of the life-changing hacks that will make your life easy to style your hair and have better hair growth. So let’s dive into the tips to tackle curly hair and make them look nourished and smooth.

Head Wash

Beginning with the morning head wash, we are not going to ask you to wash your hair regularly just while you are washing your hair, use this method. Let your hair wet completely, now run your fingers through them this will ensure that your hair has no tangle in them. We know how combing can make your hair look like bushes on a tree, so no combing. But once the hair is wet run your fingers, don’t use a wet brush just yet. Now, separate your hair into two sections and apply shampoo to the scalp. Wash it off, both sections are clean.


After shampoo, you need to leave the conditioner on your hair and comb them. The trick to comb wet hair is for sure to have a wet brush and begin from the end. If you start combing through the scalp all your tangles will be left on the end mixing with the previously existing ones. So you need to detangle the ends before the detangling the scalp hair.
Now, washing hair once in a week is usually not done by most of the curly hair people. However conditioning hair is very important for your hair. Thus you might not wash them weekly but deep conditioning them is necessary on a weekly basis. Apply a hair mask and deep condition with a heavy creamy conditioner. Use a comb and let is stick on your hair for 15 minutes. Finally, wash off.

Quit Towel

To dry your hair we usually go for the towels. Even the microfiber towels which say that they are quick to dry and have great result don’t work well for your hair. Instead if you will use 100% cotton T-shirt and wrap your hair in it will be much, much better. The towel can pull your hair badly but when you use a cotton t-shirt this restore natural shine to your hair and there is not excess pulling. If you can avoid wrapping your hair in turban then you must do that gently, but to dry your hair damp them with the T-shirt.

Baby Hair

Having curly baby hair is not a good look. So you need to grow them and keep them nice. For this apply castor oil on your figure tips and massage it gently to your baby hair. Now you can apply these to your eyebrows, lashes, and your lips at night before going to bed. Castor oil is really good for hair growth thus you have less hair just massage it and you will see great results. You can do this every day before going to bed. Make sure you take organic castor oil. The sign of it being pure is, it is a thick liquid never in a flowing manner.

Pillow Cover

Not so similar to the concept of a towel, your pillowcase should not be of cotton. Use a satin pillow cover for your hair. This will remove all the unnecessary friction from your hair making them none frizzy. Now if you have a bunch of cotton pillow already at your home then you surely wouldn’t want to invest in these pillows. However we will ask you to purchase a satin scarf. You can find a satin scarf at a nearby home store. Get them and spread it on your pillow before you go for sleep. Wash the scarf every week, it is quick to wash and dry.

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