Tips to prevent your hair color from fading

Giving yourself a fun makeover is one of the best ways to give your look an upgrade, and what better than getting your hair colored. While getting your hair colored involves quite a few risks, it doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of getting a cool hair color makeover. The joy of getting your tresses colored only lasts for a few days, and while your hair does look super chic and cool during the first few days of getting it colored, after some time when the color starts to lighten, that is when the real struggle begins. You probably spend a lot of bucks to get your tresses colored, and seeing the color fading in just a few days is not the best feeling. While some may find it easy to get quick touch-ups from their trusty salon, it’s not the most practical and economical thing to do.
Instead of spending a few more bucks on getting a quick touch up, you can make some changes to your hair care habits to keep your hair color from fading and appearing dull and brassy.

Avoid using hair products containing SLS

One of the most important things you should do is getting rid of all your hair products that contain SLS. SLS is nothing but bad news for your hair, especially when it’s colored. SLS-containing hair products are known to strip the natural oils of your hair and scalp, leaving them feeling extremely dry and dull. Additionally, they also make your hair color to fade a lot faster. Therefore, instead of using such hair care products, look for alternatives that do not contain SLS in them to keep your hair color looking fresh for an extended duration.

Let your hair dry

The more you keep your hair away from all that damaging heat, the better it will be for your colored tresses. Using heat styling tools on your hair regularly not only leaves it extremely damaged but also fades the hair color. Therefore, instead of using these heat styling tools, allow your hair to air dry. This will automatically minimize the chances of hair damage whilst also making sure that your hair doesn’t lose its color. When you expose your hair to too much heat, it ends up opening the hair cuticles, which makes the fading process a lot faster.

Avoid taking hot showers

While we know that hot showers are extremely relaxing and calming, it is not good news for the overall health of your skin as well as your hair. This works pretty much in a similar way like your heat styling tools. Taking hot showers more frequently not only strips your hair of its natural oils but also result in the opening up of hair cuticles, which eventually results in loss of hair color. Therefore, the next time you plan to take a hot shower, give this thing some thought, and instead use cold or lukewarm to wash your hair.

Keep your hair covered when going out and about

You have got your hair just freshly colored, and what’s the point of it when you can’t flaunt it when you are out? While we understand you might be very eager and excited to flaunt your new hair color and carry it like a diva when you’re out and about, it’s not the wisest thing to do. Sun exposure is one of the root causes of your hair losing its color a lot faster, therefore, it’s best if you keep your hair covered and protected when you are out and about during the day, especially when the sun is unforgiving. You can either choose to carry a hat, or you can use a scarf to cover your hair.

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