Tips to follow to prevent post-shower frizzy hair

Are you also one of those girls who procrastinate washing their hair just because of one fear they are holding onto and that’s frizziness? And as per our understanding, there are a majority of girls out there who deal with this problem every time they wash their hair. But have you ever thought if this is how your hair has always been or if there’s something that you’ve been doing wrong and is costing you your precious hair texture? The chances are very minimal. Your shampoo possibly plays no role in it and the only thing that can be questioned here is the steps that you’re following post the shower. From hair drying technique to the detangling method, every little thing can actually be held responsible for your frizzy hair. And if you have caught yourself making these mistakes then you better choose the right track to ensure that you don’t have to deal with frizzy hair again in the future.
All you need to do is follow these simple tips that can help you to prevent post-shower frizzy hair.

Avoid combing or brushing your hair

No matter your hair type, you should never brush or comb your hair as it creates friction which can be extremely damaging for your locks. Run fingers through your hair very gently to get rid of tangles and knots. Creating friction is the worst enemy of your hair as it not only damages it but also results in frizziness which is the last thing you want. Also, if you use a brush or comb your freshly washed hair, then you’ll only be prompting hair fall and breakage. Therefore, let your hair get completely dry before running a brush or comb through the locks.

Only blow-dry your roots

If you’re in haste and want your hair to get dry quickly but not at the cost of frizziness then make sure to only dry your hair from the roots. But before running blow-dry through your hair, don’t forget to apply a heat protectant spray to keep your mane protected. Also, make sure to attach the diffuser to your blow dryer which is essential for girls with curly hair as it keeps the shape of your curls intact. Distribute the blow dryer heat evenly through your hair or else you can end up damaging your strands.

Use a cotton t-shirt to soak waterNo matter how fancy or high quality your towel is, don’t make the mistake of rubbing or soaking your hair with a towel as it can also create friction which by now you must know how damaging it can be for your mane. Prevent yourself from making a mistake of inviting frizziness to your hair by switching your towel with a cotton t-shirt which will do a better job in absorbing excess water from your locks. Using a cotton t-shirt is a far better and reliable way to pat dry your hair as it not only treats your locks very gently but also keeps your cuticle in place which means no more frizziness.

Apply serumHair serum has always been one of the most powerful hair tools in our arsenal but sadly it has never been given the credit it deserves. But maybe now is the time to realize its worth as it can help your frizzy hair in so many ways. After you’re done washing your hair, apply a little amount of smoothing serum to the tips and length of your hair. This will not only keep your hair frizz-free but will also keep it smooth and silky. You can apply it on both wet and dry hair and it’s also suitable for hair of every type.

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