Thinking Of Bleaching Hair!! You Got To Know This First

Certainly, the blonde or platinum-colored hair is going in trend for a lot of us. No wonder what is our hair color we all feel like experimenting with beach once in our life? We usually get the urge of doing this during our teens and if we are lucky. We repeat the procedure once in a month or two. However, there are times when we are experimenting we choose to do things on our own rather than visiting a professional hairdresser. Well, peeps if you are self hair bleacher or taking help from a friend, you need to know all these steps. Make sure you follow them because you don’t want to damage your hair.
First of all, you need to understand what bleach can do to your hair.
• It will definitely make your hair vulnerable, more exposed to damage than the hair color.
• It will give you a sort of burning, itchy feeling while you apply it on the head.
• You need to be patient with bleach and do not do it regularly every week, this will destroy your hair.
• Bleach is much, much stronger than hair color.
Now that you are aware of what it can do. Let’s dive into how to do this at home.


When you plan on bleaching your hair, you should never pre-wash your hair. There should be and must be 5-6 days no lesser time than that. You can go longer if you like. Don’t bother that you have hair spray or oil or dry shampoo in your hair, bleach has the power to pass through everything. Make your hair are tangle-free. If you apply bleach on tangled hair then, you will for sure have uneven quoting.

Create Section

This is a crucial part; you cannot just go in with bleach on your hair. You need to create at least four sections of hair. Do center partition and then, part the two half again. This will give you four sections. After all this is done, you need to mix the bleach as per the direction on the label. Remember a darker tone hair such as a number 3 or 4 that’s fully black, may need bleaching twice to have blond hair. You will go to orange in the first attempt if done rightly.


When you begin to apply bleach, work your way upwards, means you need to begin from the very end tip of your hair, and move towards the scalp. Your scalp is really sensitive, thus you may need to leave the bleach on the hair for 20 minutes and then apply it to the scalp. This will secure your scalp and will give you even tone. If you are going to tone the bleached hair with red then you need to have a fully blond hair, you cannot get red color quoting on orange. Similarly, for platinum hair coloring bleach, the hair needs to be blond. You must not use comb while bleaching your hair. This will be devastating for your hair.



Be extremely gentle while removing bleach from hair. Your hair has been through much you don’t want them to turn on all bad on you. Thus, you need to wash them with lukewarm water. No hot or cold water, just room temperature water. You can use a purple shampoo to remove that pale yellow color from your hair or the next option is toning.


At this point, you don’t need a permanent color. You just need a toner and a 10 volume developer. Mix both of them in an equal ratio, apply it quickly to your hair this does change color, if kept longer. Thus, you might want to hurry and apply it to the after wash damped hair. Keep it for 5 minutes if your hair were slightly yellow. But if they are highly extremely yellow you need to stay for like 10 or 15 minutes for it to work on your hair.

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