Things you need to perform a salon-worthy pedicure at home

It’s no secret that your skin behaves the best when it feels pampered. And diverting all your attention on your face is not quite fair, to be honest. Your feet are very much part of your skin and it’s essential to take care of them as much as you care for other parts of your skin, mainly face. And one of the best ways to make your feet feel pampered is by giving them a pedicure. And since monsoon is soon going to be approaching, which brings along several infections with it, it becomes even more important that you look after your feet and keep them away from any kind of dirt or infection.
Unlike facials and waxing, doing pedicure at home is relatively easier to execute and all it takes is a few essentials, which you can easily get your hands on. To pamper yourself with a pedicure at home, make sure that you have all these essentials that we have listed below.

Soaking salts

First things first, to be able to do a pedicure, you will require a few soaking salts such as Epsom salt, dead sea salt, fragrant bath salts, and even bath bombs to help you execute this treatment. Soaking salts are antibacterial in nature; they not only keep sweating at bay but also help in getting rid of the odor. Apart from that, it also acts as an exfoliator and helps your feet get rid of dead skin cells, leaving them soft and smooth.

Essential oils

Essential oils serve more purpose than you know of. You can add a few drops of these oils in your tub to not only treat your feet with the goodness of these oils but also as aromatherapy. Essential oils have a very soothing and relaxing fragrance and you can easily find them in a wide range of options. Every oil has different properties and depending on your skin’s needs, you can pick the one that best fits your requirements.

Foot scarpers

This is one of the most important tools to have to make your pedicure session a successful one. You can find foot scrapers in a wide range of options such as metal scrapers, hard-bristled brushes, and pumice stones. No matter what you pick, they all do an excellent job to get rid of dead skin from your feet. While metal scrapers are mostly used on the balls of your feet, brushes can be used to clean the skin between your toes.

Body polishing scrub

A lot of people choose to skip this step, claiming it to be not important but we would say otherwise. While foot scarpers does help you in getting rid of dead skin from your feet, polishing scrub exfoliates them and leaves them smooth and moisturized. Look for scrubs that come with hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, and much more to deep condition your feet.

Massage cream

After you are done treating your feet to a good pedicure session, it’s time to give them a relaxing massage to not only make them feel pampered but also to provide them intense hydration. Grab a body lotion or massage cream and apply it on your feet whilst giving them a relaxing massage. This won’t only take care of moisturizing needs of your feet but will also make them super soft and smooth.

Nail kit

No pedicure session is officially complete without tending to your toenails in the right way. Nail kit contains all the tools and essentials you will need to add finishing touches to your pedicure. After giving your feet a relaxing massage, complete the session off by applying the last topcoat of nail paint at the end. Make sure that your nail kit comes with a few add-ons like scissors, toe separators, and other few things to make your pedicure session flawless.

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