Things Women Do Wrong While Following the Fashion Trend

We all just love to explore and try on new things. Sometimes a fashion isn’t suitable for a particular age or figure. Sometimes the things that were fitting perfectly before tend to go loose or tight. So what if you love the top. Since you loved it that means, you have worn it enough already and it’s time to give it away. Hanging on to size and old clothing can be really the worst thing you are doing to your body. That being said let’s just dive in with some of the fashion mistakes that are reflecting badly on your appearance and put an end to them once and forever.

Appropriate Size

Clothing is made for a bunch of people; it is not that you are thick or thin. Sometimes a part of your body is thicker than the rest because of your heritage. Therefore, you need to size a little bit up to be comfortable in the clothing. For example, you have a perfect 28 waist and you have got bigger hips for your ancestors. So you need to buy a size 29 or 30 rather than the size 28 because wearing a size 28 will make you hip really pop out of the jeans which is not a likely situation, therefore, the best thing is to buy a size big, you can get it to tailor fit if you like or wear a belt.

Explore Clothing

Try something that is out of your comfort zone maybe you will like it. Buying the basics all the time cannot go wrong but the experiment is important as well. So they say you got one life, live it up. We have heard it time and again how people try on different things and they find them to be comfortable for themselves. You got to try it in the store if you don’t like it don’t purchase it. All in all, don’t stick to one type of clothing like an old lady. Be young and bold always and keep on experimenting. You will find something cool and classy.

Event Details

Paying attention to the type of event is usually neglected by us. Something’s we turn up to an interview with an uncombed hair or your pants are not ironed properly. Instead of the one front crease, you have two or three creases there. Remember to dress appropriately is extremely important; you are going to meet a person first time in your life so you might want to make an impression. Similarly with the chapped nails can make you feel not so confidant. Therefore, you need to style properly for the events keeping every minority in mind.


Diamonds or jewelry isn’t just said to be a woman’s best friend. It is actually something that makes your look prettier or messier. That means, if styled with the right amount can make you look pretty but if added extra can make you look like a showpiece. So you need to wear the right amount of jewelry to every event. A woman doesn’t look complete if she hasn’t worn two classic jewels. The one combination is wearing the classic studs with a nice ring on figures the second combo is a nice neck chain with a ring. You can style your jewels in any way you like. Remember to look into the mirror before setting step out. If you don’t like a piece just wear it off before you move out.

Having the Basis

There are a few basic pieces of clothing one should acquire in their wardrobe. Now, if you have suffered through pairing a top or a jean with other things in your wardrobe and found nothing then, probably you are missing on the basis wardrobe piece. These pieces are plain solid black, indigo, and white jeans along with a white and black t-shirt. You can have a V-neck or a round neck depending upon your size and figure.

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