Things to know before you shave your face

Shaving your facial hair is still one of the most debated things in the beauty world and it will still continue to be so but that will not stop some of us from taking the plunge and shaving the facial hair to achieve a soft, smooth and clearer skin. While many of the women still continue to take face shaving as a wrong way of getting rid of facial hair, there are also many women out there that find shaving their facial hair a lot easier, inexpensive and painless. It has become a trusted method for a lot of women now and since many of the women are new to this thing, they may have their fair share of doubts concerning face shaving. While shaving or not shaving your facial hair is completely your choice, but if you have been having some doubts about it then we are here to help you with that.
We have jotted down a list of a few things that you must know before you finally decide to take the plunge.

Shaving exfoliates your skin

Besides its amazing ability to help you get rid of your facial hair, shaving also helps in exfoliating your skin which shows better and effective results than any scrub which can cause abrasions on your skin. While facial scrubs do help in getting rid of dead skin and build-up but shaving does a better job in getting rid of all the gunk off your face. As you shave your facial here, it takes off the dead skin build-up as well which is a win-win.

Makeup will glide on smoothly

One of the best things about having a hair-free face is the smooth, soft, and clear canvas we get to work on. Shaving makes your face feel a lot smoother which makes it incredibly easy for all the creamy products to glide on smoothly on the skin. This also allows the products to settle nicely onto the skin, giving you a beautiful and even finish. Just make sure that you are not applying the makeup just a few hours after shaving your face as it can clog the pores which can result in acne. You can do it a night prior so that you can keep a good gap between your makeup application and shaving.

Your skin could feel sensitive

Just because the hair removal procedure you followed wasn’t painful doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t leave your skin a little sensitive the first few times. Much like any other hair removal method, shaving also makes your skin feel a little sensitive for a few hours post-shaving. This is why you should avoid applying any product with potent or active skin care ingredients for a few hours as they can leave your skin irritated.

Facial hair won’t grow back darker or thicker

Facial shaving is surrounded by so many myths and beliefs and it’s time you stop believing them. The fear of growing back thicker and darker hair is one of the reasons why most girls prefer not to shave their faces. This is nothing but an old wives’ tale that holds no truth and you probably should have stopped believing it a long time ago. Shaving doesn’t have anything to do with darker and thicker hair; in fact, there’s no hair removal method that can lead to this. The only thing you should know is that shaving doesn’t cut your hair from the roots, it cuts your hair from the base which leaves them with a blunt tip and that’s the reason they feel a little coarse as they grow out.

Don’t shave your hair if you’ve active acne

You wouldn’t want to risk spreading your acne to the other parts of your face as one mistake can lead to a complete disaster. If you’re suffering from active acne then you should totally skip this hair removal method as chances are you might accidentally pop off one of the pimples which can easily spread the bacteria to other parts of your face which won’t only leave you with more pimples but it can result in scarring as well. Therefore, it’s best if you don’t follow this hair removal method.

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