Things to bear in mind while coloring your hair at home

No matter if it’s your busy schedule or any other reason that is not allowing you to make a trip to the salon to get your hair colored, either way, you shouldn’t be worried as you can easily color your hair at the convenience of your home. And while as easy as this may sound, it’s considerably easy to go wrong with a hair coloring process which can result in a complete disaster. While some women may have years of experience in coloring their hair, there are some women who consider it as a really intimidating task. If it’s your first time doing it, we quite understand why you’re so apprehensive but there’s nothing you should be worried about. As long as you’re following a few tips and bearing certain things in mind, you can easily color your hair at home with zero hassle involved.
While it’s best to leave it to the professionals to color your hair but in case if you’re in a hurry to get your hair colored then we have formed a list of a few tips for you that you will have to bear in mind before you get started with coloring your hair.

Choose the shade carefully

Believe us, you wouldn’t want to go wrong with the shade or it can actually lead you to a hair disaster. In order to make sure that you achieve the desired results, it’s extremely open to choose the right shade. And the best shades to consider are the ones that are either one shade lighter or darker to your natural hair color. While looking for hair dye, make sure to pick the color that closely matches your natural hair. And depending on what kind of results you’re looking for, you can choose between lighter or darker versions.

Always buy two boxes of hair color

Unless you have really short hair, don’t even think of buying just one box of hair color, or else you can easily find yourself running out of hair color which can prove to be quite disastrous. Girls with shoulder length or longer hair should always purchase two boxes of hair color as you wouldn’t want to risk getting your hair messed up because of one silly mistake. And just in case, if you didn’t end up using the second box then it can always come handy in the future.

Always test the color on your strand

As much as you would like to completely skip this step, we would recommend you to always do a little strand test before you apply the color to your entire hair. This can prove to be a terrible mistake especially if it’s your first time coloring your hair or you’re using a new shade. It’s always good to be extra careful and safer from your end which is why you should always run a strand test before you color your hair globally. Take a thin section of hair and apply the color to it to see if you like the result. If you’re happy with the result then you can go ahead and color your hair globally and if not then you still have time to back out.

Avoid putting color on your skin

One of the worst things you could be doing is coloring your skin mistakenly especially the areas around your neck, forehead, and ears. Hair color stain can get pretty hard to remove and that’s why you should always take some precaution and try to prevent this mishappening. Rub some vaseline around neck, hairline, and ears so that it’s easy to get rid of the stains. Or you can always use some makeup wipes which you can use immediately the minute you spot any stain on your skin.

Always color your hair from the top

Always make sure that you color from the top as in your roots, not only because they require maximum coverage but also because they need more time to completely absorb the color and produce the desired result. The next time you color your hair, make sure to begin from the roots and not from the ends or middle. After coloring your hair, make sure to run a comb through your locks so that the color gets distributed evenly and also to avoid forming a two-tone string effect.

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