Things Done Ethically Wrong While Styling

Sometimes when we are styling and we are not thinking correctly, we pull on any top and pair it with any jeans we like. Then, we pull in the shoes, accessories, etc, etc, the lists go on. However, we do it mostly when we are in a hurry and we cannot think of anything better, but take out a few things from the closet and pair them together. This is indeed a wrong way of dressing; you need to pull in a few things beforehand or during the night lay them on the chair so that even in hurry you know what you are going to wear. Your outfit should make sense, you need to look smart in this competitive world and not dressing nicely will not do that for you. So let’s get on with the mistakes you have been doing and you need to stop doing that.

Far Buttoning Shirt

There is nothing wrong with showing nice cleavage. However, if you are showing one great feature of your body, you need to hide another feature of your body. That means if you are showing your cleavage then you definitely shouldn’t show your legs. Mostly you need to dress ethically for your workwear. The point is when you are visiting or working then you need to look decent and professional. However, the body showing clothes doesn’t do that for you. They show an indifferent behavior towards the workplace as if you are taking it similar to any other casual day. If you like to grow and wanted to be seen as a serious person in your office then, the key is no show. Hook up all the buttons except the top two. That would be decent and stylish at the same time.

Inside Sunglasses

Until and unless you have something to hide on your face or eye you need not wear sunglasses inside. It makes you look not cool but someone inappropriate. Wear the sunglasses only if you have got eye infections. So next time you need to keep in mind that you have to wear sunglasses in the sun and not inside. The glasses are meant to protect your eye from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and when you are not under the sun you don’t need them. Besides that, if you are wearing goggles on a none sunny day. Well, it is sort of inappropriate but still can be managed. Nonetheless, try to remove your glasses once you enter the room. It makes people around you feel nice and that you are approachable.

White Dress

We all have got one or two white dresses in our wardrobe. You can wear these dresses for any possible event except for a wedding. Let the bride feel the specialty on her special day. You need not wear a white dress to a wedding and confuse the audience for a moment. However, white is a pure and pious color you can style it any day in your life. You can wear it in pairs or monochromatically as you like but don’t make the bride feel less special on her day. You probably had or will have your day and you wouldn’t like it either if anyone came wearing white.

Dress In the Best Way Possible

You would be finding it weird that I have mentioned this point in the article today. But what I mean to say is slay the dress you are wearing; own it, and you will feel the magic it does to your look. I have seen somewhat aged women dressing up in the fugally clothing. So what if you are somewhat older you can maintain your charm with a nice dressing. Going old school like wearing a loose shirt with loose pants is only going to make you feel older about yourself. You need to keep your spirits up and feel young by the dressing well when you have the chance.

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