The Ultimate Hair Care Routine To Get Rid Of Dandruff

If you’re dealing with dandruff and are looking for the best steps you can add to your hair care regime to address the scalp condition effectively, well, then, you have clicked on to the right feed.
Dandruff can be pesky and also weaken your hair roots so its really important to fight the scalp problem. In the feed, we have compiled the best hair care routine you should follow if you’re dealing with dandruff. If you want to know what all we have in this ultimate hair care routine, read till the end!

Overnight Care


While building a hair care regime that helps you fight scalp issues such as dandruff you should focus on overnight care. Following any treatment for the entire night helps to infuse the best to your hair and targets the issue in an effective way.
As a part of overnight care, you should regularly oil your hair and keep it overnight. While you’re oiling your hair make sure you soak fenugreek seeds to the oil before the night you oil your hair so that the benefits of fenugreek seeds get fully immersed in the oil. And, apply it more towards the scalp to fight dandruff.
Remember, dry scalp leads to dandruff so make sure you provide sufficient nourishment to your scalp regularly.

Use An Anti- Dandruff Shampoo

When you’re looking for a hair care regime that targets dandruff you must include an anti-dandruff shampoo.
Anti-dandruff shampoo is made of certain ingredients that help fight dandruff and removes the flaky conditions from the scalp. While you’re opting for an anti-dandruff shampoo make sure you choose a cleanser that has a pH level of about 5.5 so that while fighting the scalp irritants it also guards your scalp and doesn’t dry it out.
Anti-dandruff shampoo can dry out your hair so make sure you use a conditioner after cleansing your hair.

Rinse Your Hair In Cold Water

While you’re cleansing your hair make sure you prefer using cold water. Coldwater rinse is not only beneficial in treating dandruff but also ensures the quality of your hair.
Coldwater controls frizz, penetrates deep, and nourishes your hair. If you’re washing your hair with warm water you’re irritating the scalp and exaggerating the dandruff problem.
The temperature of water in which you wash your hair plays a huge role in retaining the quality of your hair. So, make sure you wash your hair in cold water.

Scalp Exfoliation

We all exfoliate our skin, our body, and then why not exfoliate our scalp?
Scalp exfoliation is a way that helps you get rid of all the dead skin and remove product build-up that could be a major reason for scalp issues such as dandruff. If you regularly exfoliate your scalp you can get rid of mild to moderate dandruff. Thus, make sure you incorporate scalp exfoliation in your hair care regime.
For homemade scalp exfoliater, all you have to do is-
Mix one tablespoon lemon juice with two tablespoons of sea salt. Rub the mixture to your scalp and make sure you’re gently scrubbing the mixture as vigorous scrubbing can damage your hair.

Protect Your Hair

The harmful UV rays can damage your hair and scalp. So, make sure like you protect your skin from the UV rays you protect your hair too.
Whenever you step out in the sun cover your hair with a scarf or wear a hat. The hair is exposed to sun rays, pollution, dirt, and other environmental factors so hair protection when you step out is a must.

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