The Most Effective Hair Growth Tips

We all want long hair, don’t we? And, for that, we all do so much. From trying out different hair care products to changing our hair care routine. We do so much to grow our mane long. But the least of us know that following wrong hair care practices that we think to be correct is the actual barrier for hair growth.
If you’re wondering how to grow hair long, well, then we have gathered for you a few sterling tips that actually work in growing out your hair long.
So, if you want long and shiny hair, do read these tips!

Do Not Trim Your Hair Frequently

Our hair grows about half-inch every month and if you’ll get it cut every two months how can you expect your mane to grow long. Many hair-care blogs advise you to do that we know but it’s something a very illogical approach that we won’t recommend you at all.
Rather trimming your hair every month we would suggest you trim it every six months and in that way, you can ensure that you have good and healthy hair edges.
So, make sure you’re not cutting your hair every month or every twice a month and so on it should be at least after six months.

Wash Your Hair With Cold Water

Coldwater is known to aid hair growth and therefore we would recommend you wash your hair with cold water. Coldwater rinse helps in boosting the moisture content in the hair that makes your tresses manageable and shiny.
Not only that studies have shown that tresses cleansed with cold water are cleaner when compared to hot water rinse. Also, the scalp remains free from dirt and excessive oil as coldwater closes the pores thus preventing all this from going into the scalp.

Regular Oiling

We all are aware of how crucial hair oiling is and what wonders it does to our mane. But, not many of us indulge in regular hair oiling routine. No matter if your hair care routine incorporates the most effective products and steps but there is no substitute for hair oiling.
Make sure you use the hair oil that suits your hair type. There are different oils for different hair types and we would recommend you to add essential oils into the carrier oil to enhance the effect of the hair oil.
If not twice at least give your scalp an oil massage once a week.

Refrain From Using Chemicals

A major mistake we all do is to use chemicals in our hair care routine. Our negligence towards the ingredients list of hair products is the major cause of poor quality tresses. Make sure your shampoo is mild and free from parabens and SLS.
Also, avoid using too many hair care products such as gels, sprays, and mousse regularly as all these adversely affect the health of your hair.
The best would be if you opt for natural stuff. As natural ingredients are free from any chemical and they trigger hair growth without irritating the scalp.

Try DIYs

If you want to have healthy and long hair try using DIY masks at least once a week. DIYs can be easily made of any ingredient taken from your kitchen shelves. Here we have mentioned a few DIY hair masks that you can choose from-
• Onion Juice + Olive Oil
• Avocado + Coconut Oil
• Banana + Aloe Vera Gel
• Honey + Olive Oil
Make sure you stick to the mask for a considerable time to actually see some results. Switching to various masks each week won’t give you results. For results, you have to be consistent.

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