The dos and don’ts of using a leave-in conditioner for frizzy hair

In the recent few years, we have been introduced to an array of beauty products with some of them promising enough and worthy of our time and investment, and the other few that could not keep up with our expectations. While there’s no use of talking about these disappointing beauty products, we certainly can take some time out to talk about some important beauty products that deserve to be there in your vanity and are actually more important than you know. The list of essential beauty products can be surprisingly huge, but we aren’t here to talk about all those but just one product belonging to the hair care category that has improved our hair game like crazy. Any guesses what we are talking about? Well, it’s none other than a leave-in conditioner that literally has been our life-savior, especially during the monsoon season.
Monsoon season can take quite a toll on your hair, leaving it dry and frizzy; this is when a leave-in conditioner comes into the picture. Not only it helps to add extra moisture and shine to your tresses but also keeps it from looking lifeless and a frizzy mess. While you have heard about the good part, a leave-in conditioner can also leave your hair looking flat and limp if you aren’t careful while using it. Hence, we have created a list of a few dos and don’ts that you should always keep in mind while using a leave-in conditioner.

Pick the right hair conditioner

To reap the maximum advantage out of a leave-in conditioner, it’s imperative to purchase the right product first. And the best way to find the right product for you is by taking your hair type into consideration. Once you have identified your hair type, the job to find the right conditioner would become a lot easier for you. A lightweight leave-in conditioner is an ideal choice for people with fine hair, whereas, a cream or gel-based leave-in conditioner is a suitable choice for people with medium to thick hair type.

Apply the product on length and tips of your hair

When it comes to applying the leave-in conditioner on your hair, much like a regular conditioner, you should only apply it on the length and tips of your hair. Applying the conditioner on your scalp can make your hair look very limp and flat, and you certainly don’t want to lose that volume. Therefore, taking a tiny amount of conditioner on your palm, spread it gently along your length till the tips of your hair.

Apply leave-in conditioner regularly


While you might be tempted enough to use a leave-in conditioner regularly for your hair especially during monsoon, this is something you should refrain from doing as it is not supposed to be used daily. Using it regularly on your hair can result in product build-up, and that can be very difficult to get rid of, therefore, don’t use this product more than twice a week.

Taking a lot of product

When it comes to beauty products, less is always more for most products. And as far as your leave-in conditioner is concerned, you shouldn’t go overboard with the amount you are taking to apply on your hair. While we understand that you might feel the urge to use an extra amount of conditioner to deal with frizziness and dryness, this isn’t how it works. Using a lot of product won’t suddenly show better results, you have to be very accurate about the quantity of the product you are using. For instance, if you have a leave-in conditioner spray, you can spritz some amount of the product while your hair is slightly damp, and as for your gel or cream-based leave-in conditioner, a quarter-sized amount would do perfectly.

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