The Best Self-Care For Acne-Prone Skin

Acne-prone skin can be quite frustrating. With awful breakouts all over our face, it doesn’t feel a blessing at all. We all have experienced Acne in our teens probably where the majority of people experience these little monsters. During our teens, our body goes through many hormonal changes that lead to these dreadful breakouts. Your skin requires a little extra care than any other skin type. You need to be more cautious about what products you are using on your skin.

Acne might feel embarrassing for some of them but there is no need to worry, it’s just a common a problem suffered by more than 80% of teens and even adults. Just a few tips that you can gift your skin and you will see fewer breakouts and clear and brighter skin; you will fell in love with your skin all over again.

Cleanse Twice-

You can’t skip cleansing your face once in the morning and once at night. It’s really important to clean all the impurities, dirt and grime. Acne-prone skin, you should opt for a Salicylic Acid based cleanser which controls the sebum production and kills the acne-causing bacteria. Wash your hands before cleansing your face as you don’t want the bacteria and germs from your hands to transfer on to your skin nullifying the whole process of cleansing.

Avoid using cream or lotion based cleansers. The texture of your cleanser should be more towards a soap-free and foaming one. Foaming cleansers or soap-free cleansers do a better job of cleansing away extra oil keeping your skin fresh and dirt-free. By cleansing your face you can regularly control the oil production thus keeping your skin problems at bay. Also, remember not to over-cleanse your face that is not at all healthy for your skin. Twice a day is more than sufficient and is what your skin requires.

Astringent is a must-

Dermatologists all over the world recommend using an astringent to acne-prone skin. Astringent is another good way to control oil production. Astringents are similar to a toner in its functioning but specially made for oily acne-prone skin. Like a toner, astringents too tighten the pores.

Follow it after cleansing your face with a mild foaming cleanser to make sure your face is squeaky clean. Use a cotton ball and wipe it all over the face and neck. If you feel your skin oily and shiny in between you can also use it rather than washing your face.

Go for oil-free Skin-care products-

There is no point in adding oil to your skin when it’s already blessed in abundance. So, when choosing your skincare products look for oil-free water-based and non-comedogenic products. Your moisturizers, sunscreens, and even makeup should be oil-free. The labeled oil-free products don’t clog your pores, balances the natural oil production which is less likely to trigger your awful zits. The oil-free and water-based products are gel-like and light-weight; your skin will not feel any burden of applying it. There are plenty of products in the market labeled as oil-free and water-based so you will not face a tough time in finding.

Avoid Scrubbing-

When your skin is triggered with breakouts and awful zits scrubbing your face is a big no. Scrubs are formulated with abrasive beads that are harsh for your skin and might make your acne worse. Scrubs also make your skin dry and rough because that’s a deep cleansing process. The beads can also clog your pores. So, we hope you are aware by now that scrubbing is not meant for your skin type.

Rather opt for chemical exfoliators that mildly shed away your dead skin cells and you don’t feel like you have done something for that. Glycolic Acid is a great chemical exfoliator, so look for that in your products.

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