Summer Mistakes That Are Making Your Outfit Fatuous

Most of us know that the best fabric to be worn around the summer is cotton and linen. But these days we have so many variations and options to look for the summer clothing that we majorly ignore the outfits designed for the season. It is not only about the fabric there are some visible mistakes that we do; which need to be gone out of our style for good. But sometimes either we are ignorant and we keep on doing it without being actually aware of it being right or wrong. So, whatever has been done is done. Let’s just focus on some things that we need to avoiding now to the time forward,


Shorts trend can never go old in summers and if you have been styling shorts in summers then you need to pay a little attention to the quality and size of your shorts. Denim shorts come in many forms. There are ones that are too short and body-hugging. Other than that we have relaxed fit shorts. Even if you have extremely nice booty the hips visible under the shorts don’t make you look appealing. It can be rather considered as you don’t know which size to wear. You may find this to be blunt. Apart from that the reason for wearing shorts is that it’s too hot to wear anything and when you are wearing body-hugging shorts than again you are not letting the air pass. Therefore, keep your shorts slightly longer like two to four inches below your hips line and purchase a relaxed fit.

Too Much Make-Up

Summer is a season when you need to apply lesser make and more sunscreen. I totally understand the urge to put makeup during this season, because not all of us are blessed with great skin. We get breakout as the summer food is also not much help in it. Well, you can wear slightly lesser makeup and try to use little expensive products but after understanding your skin requirements and not just like that. The breakouts are common issues; however, using CC creams rather than the foundation during these days can be done. Besides you can even use powder makeup and not the creamy makeup during this time. Try to use brown or nude eye shadows more and apply light shades lipsticks, not the red and the hot pink all the time.

No show socks

White sneakers are the common footwear that we see on lots of women’s feet the previous year and the years to come. Well, the issue is that we women are wearing no socks with these or are wearing visible socks with it. Well, if you have been wearing your shoes without socks then the day is not far when it will sting and secondly it is not hygienic. When you wear sneakers during the summer our feet sweats and the sweat is not being absorbed by the sock but the shoe itself if you aren’t wearing socks, which will affect the life of the shoes and it will be stingy until you wash it. Wear the no show socks with the white sneakers and make your feet feel fresh, and non-smelly all the time.

Flip Flops


Flip flops are the summer footwear we all know that but the footwear does make our feet dirty when we wear flip flops all day long. When there is a long walk or all day on toe work then for your posture and ease you must wear either the summer sandals or white sneakers. Wearing flip flops can be the option if you are going to the beach or the pool. Besides sandals are comfier and the best footwear for the summer season. Get these in the normal not to shinny style, and see how well they go with your outfit. If you are going for shopping or even for work.

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