Styling tips to pull-off the athleisure look effortlessly

Athleisure is one of the most popular trends of the year and by now you all must have got a little idea of it as nearly half the population is stuck inside their home and they have nothing exciting to do except for scrolling through the feed which is basically filled with athleisure trend. And going with its crazy popularity, it’s safe to say that the trend is here to stay and will be staying for a while as every fashion girl, right from influencers to celebrities are loving every bit of this trend that looks equal part chic and comfy. While athleisure is mostly associated with comfort and is usually worn mostly during workout sessions or behind the closed doors but it happens to be one of those versatile trends that can be worked upon in so many ways. Yes, it’s very much possible to work your way with athleisure beyond your workouts or stay at home outfits. If you have got things working the right way and the styling is on point then you may also be able to pull off athleisure wear at a brunch outing or even to your work as well.
All it takes is learning a few tips that can help you get your way around athleisure and pull off the look in the most effortless way.

Dress it up

There’s no stated rule that athleisure pieces are only meant to be worn casually and dressing them up is the biggest sin or fashion blunder. No, there’s nothing like that and you don’t have to feel obligated to wear things the way they are shown to you. Take it from celebrities as well as the influencers who always find ways to work with even the most basic and mundane things and make it look more classy as well as stylish. Mixing and matching always work the best and you can easily experiment with your athleisure pieces as well. For instance, dress up your legging or yoga pants with a long dressy shirt, a gym tank top with skirts, and so many other ways. But the most popular trend is wearing white sneakers with your outfits including dresses and skirts.

Accessorizing is the key

Accessorizing your look appropriately can work wonders for your athleisure look. By adding the right accessories to your look, you can easily turn even the most basic and mundane workout outfit into a date night look within a few minutes. Just make sure to keep the accessories minimally chic to keep things simple yet eye-catching. Wear a crisp and polished shirt with cycling shorts and team up the look with vinyl hoop earrings and it will instantly add so much interest and flair to your look.

Don’t overdo the sporty part

While co-ord yoga sets look all cool and chic and they are a good choice for your workout sessions but don’t think of working your way with the same set for your casual outings. The idea behind the athleisure trend is to play with comfortable clothing and not doing anything that will add to the athletic look of the outfit. While comfort is important and that’s exactly what the athleisure suggests but they should also have a bit of style to them if you’re looking to work your way with them for an outing. Spunk up the look of your co-ord yoga set by either layering the look with a stylish jacket or keep things more interesting by swapping your pants with a slouchy trouser to do the trick.

Pick the right shoes

Just because we’re constantly emphasizing on experimenting part, it doesn’t mean you will just go ahead with anything. Mixing and matching is good until you have put two wrong pieces together. The most basic rule of mixing and matching is pairing things that complement each other and doesn’t look out of the place. And that’s exactly how you should pick the right shoes with athleisure. This whole trend revolves around comfortable looks and practical outfits and you shouldn’t try to go beyond that or else you could end up making a complete fool out of yourself. Pairing your yoga pants or tights with high heels is the last thing you should be doing as it not only looks absurd but it is also a terrible way to style your tights. Therefore, take your shoes very seriously and make the right choice.

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