Styling tips and tricks to add some volume to fine hair

Working with fine hair can be a really tricky and a tad bit intimidating task. Only those people that are dealing with this issue can truly understand what we are talking about and how managing thin hair is no easy task. Whether it’s about caring for thin hair or styling thin hair, the struggle is quite real when it comes to figuring out ways to deal with fine hair. While getting a haircut that makes your mane look voluminous is possibly the best thing to do in order to fix the issue, you can do a lot more than that, and that doesn’t require chopping your hair off or getting a specific haircut.
Some people don’t feel comfortable or even like the idea of getting a haircut, and that’s completely fine, and the remaining ones, on the other hand, just don’t have time to visit a salon and get a haircut. If you also belong to either of these categories, you have come to the right place. We have jotted down a list of some useful hair styling tips and tricks for you that will help to make your mane look voluminous and thicker.

Don’t get too many layers in the back of your head

Your haircut can make a world of difference to your mane; therefore, it’s important to opt for the right haircut in order to get your mane to look thicker and voluminous. One of the best ways to add some volume to your hair is by getting layers, however, it’s important to get layers in the right way, or else they will end up making your hair look even thinner. If you are planning to get layers, make sure to keep the layers longer, and avoid getting too many of them in the back of your head. As far as the front is concerned, you can get face-framing layers. Additionally, you should avoid super long hair.

Put your dry shampoo to good use

These are the times when our go-to hair product ‘dry shampoo’ comes in super handy. Dry shampoo is an excellent hair product, especially for people with fine hair. It helps to add oodles of volume and bounce to your hair, which ultimately makes your hair look super thick and voluminous. Instead of applying dry shampoo on the same day, apply it before going to bed the previous night. The product will absorb all the excess oil from your hair and scalp overnight.

Avoid straightening your hair overly

While there’s nothing wrong with using heat styling tools on certain occasions, you should try embracing your hair’s texture as much as possible. Overly straightening your hair can make your mane look even thinner; therefore, you should avoid doing that. If you have curly or wavy hair, embrace it since they help to add some volume and texture to the locks that conceal thinning hair.

Don’t style your hair too much

Whether it’s hair coloring or hair styling, you should know where to draw a line when it comes to exposing your super delicate thin hair to certain things. Of all the hair types, fine hair is more susceptible to thermal styling damage; therefore, you should be pretty careful while using heat on your hair. Additionally, you should avoid over bleaching your hair as it can cause irreparable damage to your locks.

Use hair products wisely

When it comes to using hair products on fine hair, you should avoid taking too much product as it can weigh your hair down and might also make your mane appear lifeless, which is what most usually happens with heavy oils and creams. You can use a lightweight volumizer or setting spray to add some volume and body to your locks, and they will do the trick without weighing your hair down.

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