Simple yet effective hacks to make your deodorant last longer

Some things are irreplaceable in our lives, and deodorants are certainly one of them. We just cannot go a day without spritzing our favorite deodorants and smell good all day long. Deodorants are more or less essential skincare product that keeps us from smelling bad. Some people tend to sweat a lot, and a couple of other reasons like the weather, food choices, and all that constant running, as well as workouts, can make any person sweat and smell bad. This is where deodorants come into the picture, with them by our side, we don’t have to worry about smelling bad or any sort of that. However, there are also days when even after applying a generous amount of deodorant, we still sweat and smell the same, and that can be quite embarrassing. And if you blame your deodorant for this, you are on the wrong track. Sometimes, the wrong application of deodorant results in body odor and sweating. And if this is an everyday issue for you, we have got some tips for you on how you can use a deodorant.

Create a clean canvas

When it comes to using a deodorant, you should always apply it on dry areas. Spritzing them over damp areas or products makes them ineffective. Therefore, you should always dry your armpits completely before applying the deodorant. If you have a habit of applying the deodorant right after taking a shower, then make sure to dry your armpits using a towel before using the deodorant.

Keep some distance between your deodorant and skin

There’s the right way to apply deodorant, and that also has to do with the distance you maintain between your deodorant and skin. It is suggested that one should always maintain a distance of 15 cms between the skin and deodorant while using the product. When you keep the deodorant close to your skin, the deodorant ends us spreading on a much lesser area with too much product, which is a complete wastage. The right way to apply your deodorant is to hold it at least 15 cms from the skin; it will not only cover much more area but will also make your deodorant more long-lasting.

Don’t apply it on the affected skin

Spritzing deodorant on shaved or broken skin can truly be an unpleasant and painful experience. Most deodorants contain alcohol and harsh chemicals, which on getting contact with broken skin irritates the area further, and the person might feel burning and tingling sensation as well, which can be pretty frustrating. Therefore, you shouldn’t apply any deodorant or antiperspirant on the affected areas of your skin.

Shake before using the deodorant


Shaking the bottle of deodorant before spritzing it can ensure long-lasting application. And the reason why this shaking thing works is the contents in the deodorant gets concentrated in one place, and when you spray it in a concentrated form, it doesn’t deliver the desired results, and when you shake the bottle before using it, you actually allow the contents to distribute evenly in the bottle. Make sure to shake the bottle each time before using it.
What is the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants?
The most remarkable difference between deodorants and antiperspirants is deodorants are used to prevent body odor, and antiperspirants, on the other hand, help to prevent sweat. Sweating is one of the root causes of body odor, and that is what antiperspirants help you with. And when it comes to deodorants, they help to cover the smell of excessive bacteria with a pleasant fragrance. In short, antiperspirants are suitable for those who sweat a lot, and deodorants are a suitable choice for people who don’t sweat much.

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