Simple solutions to deal with combination hair

Combination skin is a concept most of us are well aware of, but that’s not what we are here to discuss today. Today’s hot topic will be combination hair, which is not entirely a new concept, but it most definitely isn’t as discussed as it should. You might have gotten a slight idea about what combination hair means. Combination hair is just a name given to this condition; the problems that come along with it are usually experienced by so many individuals, making this a super common condition. If you are thinking what does it means to have combination hair, it actually suggests having an oily scalp and brittle ends. However, this phenomenon often gets overlooked, and that’s because the issue usually looks more noticeable on second-day hair, and by that time, most of us already start planning for the next hair wash.
Nobody likes getting mixed signals; it can be extremely frustrating, especially if it’s your skin or hair that is in question. If you can relate to this hair condition, now you know what problem you are dealing with, and although it might seem like there’s nothing you can do about it, you absolutely can. Listed below are a handful of simple solutions that will help you to deal with combination hair like a pro.

Pick the right shampoo

In addition to building a perfect hair care routine, it’s equally important to invest in the right hair products, and shampoo can make a huge difference to your locks, therefore, it’s imperative to pick the right shampoo for your combination hair. And once you have picked the shampoo, be careful while you shampoo your hair. Using too much product or shampooing your mane excessively can result in excess oil production. Massage the shampoo gently on your scalp and avoid rubbing the ends of your hair as it can leave the tips pretty rough and dry. Moreover, don’t wash your hair every day, but if you must, then make sure to use a gentle shampoo.

Don’t forget your conditioner

Skimping on conditioner can be a huge loss for your hair. It is a vital hair care step, and you should never forget to condition your locks. Since most shampoos end up stripping your hair of natural oils, in order to make up for the lost moisture, you need to apply conditioner to your tresses. Just apply it to the tips and lengths of your hair and keep it away from your scalp.

Take a break from heat styling

Your hair goes through a lot of trauma daily; putting too much stress on your precious locks can take a toll on them. Therefore, it’s best to take some break from heat styling tools and embrace your natural hair texture. You can use a bristle brush to comb your hair; this will also help to evenly distribute the natural oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair.

Give hair detox a try

The accumulation of dead skin cells and product buildup can aggravate the scalp greasiness, which in turn, clogs your pores, and that further results in scalp acne and other scalp conditions. The easiest solution to fix this problem is by giving your hair a nice detox. You should indulge in hair detoxification every once a week, and this will make sure that your hair feels fresh and healthy.

Say no to hot showers

Just the sound of a hot shower makes a person feel relaxed instantly, and as much as we would like to indulge in these relaxing hot showers daily, it can prove to be fatal for both your skin and hair. If you don’t know, hot water can strip your hair of naturally produced oils, leaving it drier. Therefore, one should always wash their hair with lukewarm water to avoid dry and frizzy hair.

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