Secrets to Get Bright and Dewy Skin, Irrespective of The Skin Type

We all indulge in endless care that makes our skin look good. And by good, we clearly mean glowing, bright, and dewy skin. We have read hundreds of blog that targets different skin types and quite complicates the whole idea of skincare. With tons of tips and rituals to follow we actually reverse the whole process of getting a dewy and bright skin. Don’t you think that there should be some advice that is universally applicable regardless of what skin you have? Some ideal skin care habits that will be a boon for your skin in the real sense.

We know every skin type has a fair share of distinct problems but there could be some universal steps and rituals that go well in making every skin better. And with these universally applicable tips, we make the whole skincare job less arduous. No matter of steps will guarantee you good skin but the right steps done correctly can. The question is simple How to get dewy skin? Then why can’t we seek for simple yet effective solutions?

We have always used makeup to get that glow right on our face but what if we tell you that with a few skincare swaps and things kept in mind can get you the good skin no matter what skin type you’re. And you don’t need any makeup products to cheat that natural glow. Here are a few tips that will just serve your concern accurately.

Remove Makeup Before Hitting The Bed-

Now there are many misconceptions regarding applying makeup daily and the biggest one to be is that it damages your skin. Clearing the age-long myth we would like to reveal that its not the makeup that harms your skin but actually your laziness of not removing it properly before bed. The makeup if put for a long time or to say for the whole night can clog you pores making your skin prone to many problems which we assume you’re pretty aware of!

See makeup is something that serves for a period only and is not something you should sleep with or keep on your skin for a longer time. If done so with tons of problems your skin will lack the natural glow and will start looking dull. So, to get dewy skin removing the makeup before bed is a universally elementary step or it would be better to say a ritual.

Drink Water-

You have come across thousands of blogs that tell you so and for all the good reasons this step can infuse in your skin. No matter how many expensive products you use but the effect you get by drinking the right amount of water is unparalleled. Your skin is a reflection of your inside mechanism. What you are feeding your body with will show on your skin. So, by drinking enough water you’re not only quenching the body thirst but also hydrating your skin. Just to remind you to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Exfoliate In Just The Right Amount

We all love clear and smooth skin and thus to get that we all do use exfoliators. Dead skin cells if not removed can be troublesome for our skin with clogged pores and rest you know. But what’s intimidating is that to what extent to exfoliate. Exfoliating can be a real help for making the skin glow but if done in excess it can irritate and make your skin tight and dull. So, we would advise you to not to over-exfoliate your skin. Once a week or twice a week is just the correct number for exfoliating your skin.

Always Wear Sunscreen

No, we don’t think we need to tell you what good sunscreens do to your skin. The harmful rays of the sun can damage your skin to a great extent. An SPF provides a protective barrier between your skin and the harmful sun rays. Thus, it should be your daily ritual to apply sunscreen just 15 minutes before you decide to step out of your house. Sunscreen can help in maintaining your skin’s elasticity for a longer time thus making it feel healthy and dewy.

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