Routine Hacks That Will Change Your Life

All of us have certain activities that we do on an everyday basis such as brushing, head wash, face wash extra. But sometimes we need to do things in a hurry and we just forget to do one of the things, or sometimes our dress needs fixing. There can be numerous things that can create the blunder. However, these days we are in possession of the amazing DIY hacks. These are here to help us in these scenarios, where you have got lots to do but have no time. Skipping an activity such as head wash can be done and this is what you will have to do. So what else could be done to cut time? We are here with the hacks which will make life simpler for you. All you got to do is keep some of these tools in your bag. Let’s equip your purse with essentials today.


For those of us out there, who have a habit of brushing teeth at night, and sometimes we just forget brushing in the hurry of reaching the office. It happens once in a while, carry a small bottle of chlorophyll will help you. You must want to say that we have got gums and mouth freshener, what special with chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has a good minty flavor which will remove all the impurities from your mouth. Just one thing don’t make it fall on your clothes, the stain will not go. Add a spoon of liquid to a glass of water and gulp it.


Have no time to wash your hair then blow dry them before stepping out. You got the grease-covered with the dry shampoo but need something to get rid of the hair smell. Take your favorite brush and perfume. Spray two to three ounces on the hairbrush and comb it through the hair. Some of us do not comb hair frequently can just spray the perfume and walk your figure through the hair. This might make your hair wet at certain spots but that will dry in some time.

Roll On Fixative

It’s a must-have tool in a ladies’ dresser. Sometimes we love to wear loose clothes but the loose clothes fall off from the shoulder and don’t stick to the body. Yet we love them and what them to work somehow. The fixative is to your rescue. There is body roll on fixative which when applied to the body makes the cloth stick to that area. Even afterward when you went to the washroom and trying to adjust your clothing, you need not re-apply it. It will stick again to the spot until washed off. Other than that the product is skin-friendly so if you have sensitive skin then this will work nicely.

Shaving Cream

Need to go to a party and the dress is short. Unfortunately, the legs are not waxed. On top of that shaving cream has just finished. What a dilemma, you are stuck with, no helping options and so many hurdles. Well, it’s common for us girls. We never find the dress for the occasion and we have these issues always. So our hack today is using your hair conditioner instead of the shaving cream. This will not only remove hair but also make your leg shiny and moisturized.

Night Hair Care

We all have heard it plenty of time by our mother our grandmothers to tie our hair before going to bed. Wrap it in a silk hair cap. But how can we tie our hair, next morning we need to pull that rubber band out and it will pull out our hair. Other than that the hairband leaves a mark on the place it was tied. Well, ladies, you need to buy silk crunchy. This will not pull your hair while removing and won’t leave a mark unless you have folded it really tight. Be gentle with hair, they are your precious beauty.

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