Refuting the Common Hair-Care Fallacies

Questioning is the greatest way of learning and that could be done in any sphere. There are various notions hovering the most discussed term and i.e. haircare. For many years we have been told some notions but not all of these are valid. You must have heard not to use conditioner on oily hair, hair coloring can lead to graying of hair, and the list goes on. But, these are just false beliefs with no legitimacy that are being imposed on us for many years. Everything has a reason except myths and here in the feed, we will debunk a few baseless fallacies associated with haircare that will seriously change your hair game forever.
If you want to know these hair myths keep reading.

Regularly Trimming Your Hair Leads to Hair Growth

Think! Hair grows about half an inch in a month. And, if every month you’ll trim a few inches can you seriously see any growth? This myth is around us for a long time but it’s time to debunk it. No regularly trimming can guarantee you “the hair growth” instead hair growth depends on the haircare and the diet you follow. So, stop visiting saloons every month thinking you’re doing something for the growth of your hair. Rather, head for monthly hair spas, or take a proper diet both in the form of right nutrients and right hair-care products.

Plucking One Gray Hair Grows Two More Gray Hair

For a long time, we have been afraid and fooled by this myth. Plucking gray hair will lead to all your strands turning gray. This is just a false belief roaming around for a couple of years. We can’t say what exactly leads to gray hair but surely it’s not plucking one or two gray hairs. So, stop believing this myth. Still, we don’t recommend you plucking your hair as not graying of hair but it damages your roots.

Salt Can Make Your Hair White

Have someone ever advised you not to apply your salty hands onto your scalp? And when you questioned them why? The answer was quite a vague one! Your hair will turn white, relatable? Well, seeing this in the list you surely would have understood that it’s just a myth. Salt has iodine which is a chemical, surely it’s not healthy to apply salty hands onto your hair but the reasoning is given is utterly wrong. The chemical compound can damage your hair but doesn’t lead to graying of hair.
A simple example would be when you hit the beach water i.e. salty water, by the way, you can feel your hair turning a but dry and rough but do they tend to gray?

Brush Your Hair Frequently

Another myth gaining hype from many years is that if you comb your hair several times a day you’re contributing towards the health of your hair. Does that even make any sense? When you brush your hair you can see some strands falling out, right? And that happens each time you brush your hair. So, will brushing frequently, help you achieve your hair goals?
Also, brushing your hair more than twice a day can damage the natural oil of your scalp leading to dry and rough hair.

Sleeping with Hair Down Can Lead To Faster Growth

Many you have been advised this, right? So, untrue, there is no evidence to prove this right. Actually, there is no specific way of tying your hair while sleeping that could lead to faster growth. So, you can tie your hair as you want. But, make sure while sleeping always prefer tying them loosely.

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