Prevent Hair Fall In Monsoon Season With These Amazing Tips

Let the drizzling weather brings joy to your life and not a menace to your hair. Monsoon season brings along with it so many hair and skin problems and hair fall is the greatest of all.
The humidity damages our hair and thus the hair falls more than the usual. If you experience more hair fall during the monsoon season, this time you won’t. We have gathered for you some amazing tips that will help you in preventing hair fall.

Oiling Is Must

The monsoon season is the season where you experience more hair fall than usual. Thus, oiling is something you just can’t skip. Regularly oil your hair and never rinse your hair without a good oiling massage as it can dry out your hair and augment the hair fall.
When you oil your hair make sure you apply more towards the roots and less on the edges.
To make DIY anti-hair fall oil, soak fenugreek seeds into any hair oil overnight and then use the oil in the morning. This overnight soaking will ensure the benefits of fenugreek seeds get fully immersed in the hair oil.

Always Tie Your Hair

During the monsoon season, we will suggest you tie your hair and keep it less open. When you keep your hair open it tends to fall as the hair becomes fragile and weak and since the monsoon season is all about hair fall, we need to tie our hair.
There are so many trendy braids, messy buns, and ponytails that you can try during the monsoon season. Even if you sleep with open hair, try sleeping in a bun. Tie the tresses in a loose braid or a bun while sleeping.

Avoid Experimenting

If you love to color your hair or opt for any other chemical treatment such as Rebonding or smoothing the monsoon season is not the right choice.
Your tresses are really weak during the monsoon season and if you undergo any of these hair treatments you’re damaging your hair.
Don’t you think if you’re already experiencing hair fall due to the monsoon season, opting for any chemical hair treatment you’ll increase the hair fall?
Hence, wait for the season to get over and then you’re free to chemically treat your hair.

Wash More Often

We know over-washing is something not healthy for your hair. But, during the monsoon season when your scalp produces more oil and is prone to sweating washing your hair once or twice a week is not sufficient.
Make sure you wash your hair at least three times a week to protect your scalp from any irritation. While you’re washing your hair three times a week make sure you opt for a mild cleanser so that your hair is not damaged.
Once a week prefer using a clarifying shampoo so that all the dirt and sweat are out of your scalp.

Scalp Exfoliation

Scalp exfoliation is really healthy for your hair, especially during the monsoon season. Scalp exfoliation removes scalp build-up, thoroughly cleanses your scalp, and keeps your hair nourished.
The Korean hair care ritual adds shine and bounce to your hair and you must adopt it.
Here, is DIY Scalp exfoliator you can easily prepare at the home.
Mix sea salt and lemon juice together depending on your hair length and rub it over your scalp. Make sure you rub gently as vigorous rubbing can damage your hair.

So, these were a few tips that will help you in keeping healthy and shiny mane during the monsoon season. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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