Planning a Vacation on a Beach: Get the Beach Slippers

Summer calls for a relaxing vacation, so if you have planned or are planning for a vacation that too to a beach then, you need to go for some trending beach footwear. Indeed you need quality of beachwear slipper as you don’t want to have your slippers break in the middle of the sand and then running on the hot sand bare feet could harm your feet badly. Thus staying trending is obviously required, so the collections of footwear you need for a beach vacation are listed below with their details. With a due let’s get on with the footwear collection for the beach.


Going for heels in on a beach does look a light much sometimes, that too if you are going for pointy heels. The intellectual thing to do is stick to flats. When it comes to beach flats you have got a variety of flip flops that have flexible material as well as fabric. You get the beautiful seashells to work and small beading embedded in the straps of it. You have not only got beading there is a ton of other materials as you know these straps are made of rubber or PVC material they have some beautiful stickers applied on it. Flowers, figures, bows, and twisted straps are some of the commonly found designs in flats.

Flower heels

If you feel that your outfit will look extraordinary on wearing heals then, you must go for flatform heels or wedges. These heels are effective beachwear, you need the flower or bow beech wear in mules look. Mules look extravagant with the beads and flower designs on top of them. Moreover, they look so cool if you wear these to the beach shore walk. The big flower on the strap gives a nice fluffy coverage to your foot. These are even beneficial if you have a short height like me. While hanging out with friends or family these will help you make a perfect picturesque pose.


The smartest pair of footwears, these are so flexible and match the look with all sort of outfits. Thus, if you are confused about what to get this season go for pretty feet the gladiators are what you must take. The rope wrapped around your toes and the lower leg as well. If you are wearing a tie and die pattern asymmetrical dress and wear these shoes in your feet that you will look like a mermaid near the ocean. Wear these for a walking shopping day with friends or an evening coffee date, you will be comfortable and enjoy your trip of the day.

Bohemian Flip flop

Bohemian style is working its way in the fashion industry day by day. Especially the youngsters are very much into a bohemian style wear moreover the home decor. This style is in demand everywhere well, it should be as it is such a happening form of art. The bold and welcoming style is quite refreshing in itself if we come to their clothing its quite loose and airy outfits we are talking about. It has lots of patterns in it. Similarly, the footwear inspired by this style has a great deal of variety. The beadwork is commonly found in this style and is classic beach footwear.


Sandals are must-haves for beachwear. These scandals have tons of variety and are the most perfect shoes for beachwear. They do have beads works but at the same time, the patterns are extraordinary. Such as the hinge Polly style sandals decorated with the help of tassels and the pompoms give a beautiful beachwear looks. If you have those small, small cute bows on them, they are just adorable.

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