Natural ingredients you should add to your hair care routine RN

Much like your skincare products, you cannot afford to go wrong with your hair care products. Our hair already goes through a lot on a daily basis and torturing it further by using the wrong products can leave it looking dull, dry, and damaged. It’s imperative to be well knowledgeable of things you’re applying on your hair, because sometimes what works well for others may not prove to work equally well for you. Therefore, it’s important to establish a difference between good ingredients and bad ingredients. Based on your hair type and its concerns or needs, you can choose to add a few particular ingredients to your hair care routine that are known to work well for such hair type whilst also addressing the hair woes at the same time.
Most hair products are made up of common ingredients like flowers, exotic oils, and a few others, which are known to repair dull and damaged tresses and make them look healthier. And it’s not necessary that all the ingredients present in that product will work wonders for your hair, some of the ingredients may also result in your hair looking incredibly dull and brittle. Therefore, you have to establish a difference between good ingredients and bad ingredients and identify the ones that will work wonders for your hair type. To make things a little easy for you, we have rounded up a list of few ingredients that you should always look for in your hair product.

Neem/Azadirachta Indica

Neem is one of the best ingredients to have in your hair care products. It is best known for its medicinal use, but it can leave you surprised with its endless beauty benefits. Apart from benefitting your skin in numerous ways, it also helps your hair in multiple ways. Using hair care products containing neem helps in reducing hair loss and also curbs dandruff. This will also help to clean and purify your scalp, which further will boost hair growth.

Coconut water

It’s no hidden fact that drinking coconut water is extremely beneficial for your overall health, which hydrates you from within and helps you get rid of toxins. And while you may already be well aware of using coconut oil for hair or skin, using coconut water for beauty purposes can also leave you quite surprised. Using the coconut water for hair not only leaves your tresses conditioned but also prevents hair breakage. Adding hair care products containing coconut water to your routine will make your mane manageable and softer.


Honey is arguably one of the best ingredients to have in your beauty routine and while it is used as one of the core ingredients in several skincare products, you can also find it in ample hair care products. Due to the presence of emollient and humectant properties, honey makes for an excellent moisturizing ingredient. The two of these additional properties benefit your hair in amazing ways, for instance, emollients help in adding shine to your dull strands, whereas, humectants help in retaining moisture and deeply nourish your hair.

Green tea

You may have heard plenty of benefits of drinking green tea or how it can benefit your skin and reduce under-eye dark circles, the best use of this ingredient remains hidden to date. Green tea has excellent antioxidant and refreshing properties, which helps your hair in multiple ways. Apart from improving the hair texture, it also helps in treating hair loss. Other than that, green tea infused products help in curbing dandruff and also gets rid of dryness, which is often resulted due to the extra use of chemicals.

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