Must-try Korean beauty hacks for glowing and beautiful skin

Much like Korean food, we are seeing a major rise in the popularity of Korean beauty products. Have you ever looked at Korean skin? It is nothing like the kind of skin we have. Koreans are known to be blessed with naturally glowing and flawless skin, and that can be attributed to the beauty products they use in their everyday routines, such as rice water, sheets masks, BB creams, and cushion compacts. Granting how effective and amazing these products are, it’s only fitting to add them to our beauty stash and make them part of our everyday routine as well. While these products are quick and easy ways to achieve glowing and flawless skin, there are a few beauty hacks that still remain unknown to many.  If you have been looking for ways to achieve flawless and glowing skin, then you must try these lesser-known Korean beauty hacks that ensure to deliver excellent results.

Consume barley tea

One of the beauty hacks Korean swear by is drinking barley tea on a daily basis. Much like green tea and matcha tea, barley tea is known to be extremely beneficial for your skin. Drinking barley tea is a part of their daily routines; the tea is loaded with antioxidants, which helps in combating free radical damage. In addition to promoting collagen production, barley tea also helps in weight loss. For Koreans, barley tea is their secret magic potion, which is why they introduce it to their kids at a very early age in order to ensure great skin texture and even skin tone.

Exfoliating skin using a muslin cloth

We all are very much familiar with the term exfoliation; the only unfamiliar term here is the muslin cloth. Physical exfoliators are known to contain exfoliating beads, and in addition to being very abrasive, they can also end up damaging the skin’s protective layer. Koreans don’t use any such physical exfoliator, they make use of a muslin cloth dipped in hot water to get rid of dead skin cells. After gently rubbing the cloth on your skin in upward and downward directions, it is moved along your skin in a circular motion. Apart from helping to deep cleanse your skin, it will also make your skin firm.

Facial exercises make a huge difference

In addition to having an extensive skincare routine and including the right beauty products in their beauty stash, Koreans also indulge in some facial exercises that are believed to benefit their skin in a lot of ways. Unlike several other complicated facial exercises you’re aware of, Koreans facial exercises are far easier and simpler. Their facial exercises involve the use of vowels- A, E, I, O, U. You should pronounce each vowel for at least 5 seconds, this helps to stretch your facial muscles, and that further helps in improving blood circulation.

Tap the products into your skin

The technique you use to apply all your beauty products can make your skin to appear a certain way. Koreans have firm and glowing skin, and do you know what helps them to make their skin appear a certain way? Their application technique. Instead of rubbing the products onto the skin, they apply all their products, including moisturizers and serums in a tapping motion. After applying the product onto the skin, they tap their fingers in a circular motion, doing so not only helps in better absorption of skincare products but also improves blood circulation, which makes their skin glow.

Keep the area humid while sleeping

We know this may sound a bizarre beauty hack to follow but Koreans believe that creating a humid environment while sleeping helps in keeping their skin moist. If you are willing to follow this trick, all you will need to do is hang some wet towels in the room you’re sleeping in, and you’ll be good to go.

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