Mistakes you should avoid making when styling your thick hair

Having thick, long, and voluminous hair is truly a blessing and there’s no denying the fact. But, managing such hair is no easy job. It requires a lot of caring and pampering in order to keep your tresses pretty and strong always. However, it’s considerably easing to wrong with such hair type. One mistake and you can end up ruining your beautiful thick hair. While we know that thicker mane comes with its own set of perks and advantages but one silly mistake can lead to a complete disaster and we really hope that you are not heading towards making one. Styling your thick hair can be pretty fun and exciting but you certainly wouldn’t want to do something that you may regret later. This is why we decided to come up with this article where we have jotted down a list of a few styling that mistakes that you should strictly avoid making with your thick hair.

Cutting your hair extremely short

Like we said, having thick, long, and voluminous hair is a blessing and you shouldn’t take it for granted. While long and thick hair can get pretty unmanageable with time and at this point, chopping your hair off may seem to be the only solution to you but that’s one of the worst mistakes you could be making. Cutting your hair super short is only going to invite other problems. If you didn’t already know, it’s time you know that short hair requires a lot more time than the others and also needs commitment every time you style it. Cutting your hair short can also induce frizziness around the crown area as there’s nothing to weigh your hair down.

Chemically strengthening your hair

Every woman wishes to have super manageable and thick hair and it’s not easy to have both of them. The thicker the hair, the more unmanageable it gets. And that’s when the idea of chemically straightening the hair struck a lot of woman’s minds. As tempting as this idea sounds, it can actually prove to be a bit disastrous for your pretty thick mane. In the greed of getting manageable and tamed hair, you’ll actually be messing with your hair’s natural texture which makes it even more difficult to manage your thick hair. Instead of chemically straightening your hair, consider getting a keratin treatment as it’s a better alternative and will help you provide smoother as well as sleeker hair.

Not getting a layered haircut

Layer haircut is possibly one of the hottest haircut trends which never fail to disappoint. But it doesn’t work nicely on all hair types, and luckily, layers work quite amazingly on thick hair. Finding the right haircut for your hair type can be a bit challenging but layers always work well for thick hair. Get long layers and see how it makes your face look more slim and also distributes the volume evenly.

Tying your hair tight

While we understand that thick, long hair can be pretty frustrating to deal with at times but it should still be taken care of very gently. You can’t go rough and tight with your precious tresses. The soaring temperature may tempt you into tying your hair tighter, but you should refrain from making this mistake. Instead of pulling your hair together into a tight ponytail, go for low bun or ponytail as they won’t cause any tension on your hair follicles and increased tension on hair follicles means only one thing and that is hair loss.

Going overboard with hair products

Thick hair may come up with its own sets of advantages but all the downsides to it cannot be ignored as well. Frizz and extra volume can pose a problem to many girls with thick hair. While it’s easier to get rid of these hair issues with the use of serums, styling creams, hair mousse, and hair sprays but you should also know when and how much to use them. Going overboard with these hair products and overusing them can result in your hair becoming greasier and formation of dandruff as well, which is caused due to the product build-up in your scalp.

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