Master The Dewy Makeup Look With Simple Steps

Dewy makeup is something in trend all these days. This one is the most instagrammable look carried by all the leading celebs and influencers. Who all doesn’t like a naturally flawless and glowy skin which you can tag as wakeuplikethis?

The dewy makeup look is categorized as a brighter, less base, and more of shimmer that all elevate the look. Gone are the times when the beauty world was stormed by matte skin, today the makeup world is all surrounded by dewy, luminous, and glowy skin. Unfortunately, many of us are not blessed naturally with that glow but why to regret when we can always get that with the use of the right products.

If you are inspired by one of your favorite celebs post of wearing a dewy skin and wondering to achieve that on you too, you have clicked the right feed. You might think this to be putting a lot of effort but guess what, with the right products and tips you can effortlessly create this enviable effect without crossing the line of ‘greasy look’ and sticking to that natural sheen and glow. So, let’s get started.

Prime Time-

No matter what look you are wearing your skin needs to be primed first. For preparing a perfect canvas for this glowy look primer is a must. A primer will not only create the barrier between the products and the skin but will also hold the makeup for a longer time. Especially in such a glowy look, it’s really important to hold that glow for a longer time and thus Primer is essential. Moreover, dewy makeup look requires shed setting powder thus to undergo the greasiness prime time is a must.

You can use any of your favorite primer and apply mainly to your T-zone area focusing a little amount towards the corners of the nose. Remember, to use a little amount only as using it in excess can slip off your base.

Creating a base-

The next crucial step in achieving the dewy look is creating a flawless and natural base. When choosing a foundation for dewy look focus more towards the luminous foundation that has a light and glowy texture.

The glowy texture of the foundation will not only provide you flawless base but will also impart a healthy sheen. Using a normal foundation will contradict the whole concept of dewy makeup look taking your makeup to a matte side. So, use a dewy base instead.


When achieving a glowy and natural skin there is one thing to keep in mind when going for blush. Try to use a creamy base blush and not a powder one. The creamy textured blush will provide you a healthy glow elevating the apple of your cheeks. On the other hand, if you will use a powder blush it will make your entire look more towards a matte one.


The next step which involves giving your skin the last step of glowing touch is the use of an illuminating powder. Grab your favorite illuminator and dust it all over the face. When going for a glowy look the illuminating powder is used as a setting powder which imparts a glow to your entire face.

Apply Lip Gloss-

Take your look to the next level by putting a glossy lip balm. Apply the color to your lips and using your finger gently dab the color taking it to the outer sides. This will provide you a dewy and shiny pout.

At last finish, your makeup look by setting that with a makeup fixer. Spray some of the makeup fixer onto your face to set the glowy look at place making it last for a longer time.

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